Article 1 – Objectives and organization

The Competition for Biotechnology Start-ups in the Environmental, Agronomic or Industrial Sectors ("Competition" hereafter) is organized by Genopole (Évry-Corbeil site, Évry, France). The purpose of the Competition is to encourage, support and valorize innovative biotech projects and start-ups in the environmental, agronomic and/or industrial sectors (excluding the medical sector).
Genopole defines “innovation” and “biotechnology” as follows :
→ Innovation : a new and inventive technology, process or service targeting an economic purpose.
→ Biotechnology : the use of the knowledge of the natural, biological function of living organisms to produce goods and services.

Article 2 – Candidacy and acceptability

Candidates must present an innovative business creation project or an innovative project underway in a start-up aged less than three years. For submissions concerning the continuation of an already existing innovative project, applicants must explain as precisely as possible in what way Genopole accompaniment and accommodation would support the innovative nature of their preceding and current work.
The Competition is open to :
→ Any natural person, regardless of nationality, status or professional situation, with a project for the creation and/or development of an innovative biotechnology (see definitions in Article 1) business in the environmental, agronomic and/or industrial sectors.
→ All environmental, agronomic or industrial biotech businesses less than 36 months old, represented by a designated executive member.1204382.12
Research groups presenting a collective work must designate an individual authorized to represent all group members.
The Competition is not open to :
→ Any laureate company (first or special prizes) of a preceding edition of the Competition.
→ Businesses or projects in which the members of the jury are stakeholders (founder, shareholder, consultant, etc.).
→ Experts solicited for the present Competition or their family members (spouses and first- and second-degree relatives).
→ Members of Genopole.

Article 3 – Evaluation criteria

The project evaluation criteria are :
→ The innovative nature of the proposed technology or research field.
→ The economic viability of the project.
→ The quality and competencies of the team.
→ The project’s contribution to the dynamic of the biopark in terms of its potential synergism with the businesses and laboratories currently at Genopole.

Article 4 – The dossier

The candidate dossier is available as of 22 June 2016 at in the form of a Word document (in French or English) ; and it is to be filled in using Word or a compatible program.
A copy of the Terms and Conditions of the Competition must be signed by the candidate and included in the candidate dossier. By signing the Terms and Conditions, the candidate commits to the stipulations therein.
The candidate dossier and any supporting documentation are to be submitted by e-mail at the address
Candidates are responsible for furnishing to the Competition team all complementary elements that may be needed to fully understand the dossier.
The candidate form must be completed in full ; incomplete forms may result in the dossier being refused.
The dossier must be completed in French or in English.
The candidate dossier published on and available from the Genopole website must be used for inscription in the Competition ; no other methods of inscription will be accepted.

Article 5 – Candidacy legitimacy

Regardless of the type of project, candidates must describe the situation of the project completely and honestly, notably as concerns intellectual property.
Any duly observed failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Competition.
The activity described in the candidate dossier must be solely and uniquely that exercised by the candidate. The activities of collaborators, partners or contractors that are not integral elements of the project can in no way be included in the description of the activity.

Article 6 – Selection and jury

The technical secretarial service of Genopole will organize the reception, registration, study and technical selection of the submitted dossiers, and inform the candidates of the results of the different selection steps.
1) Genopole will make an initial, dossier-based selection of candidates eligible for the seminar entitled "The Entrepreneur Path".
2) At that seminar, the finalists who will have the honor of presenting their project to the jury will be chosen after individual interviews.
3) The finalists will defend their project via an oral presentation to a jury chaired by the Genopole chief executive and comprised of Genopole Enterprises team members, experts and Genopole partner representatives. The jury is responsible for choosing the laureate(s) of the present sixth edition of the Competition.
The decisions of the jury will remain confidential until the awards ceremony.

Article 7 – Award(s)

The laureate will win a first prize evaluated at €100,000 and join the Genopole biocluster.
The first prize comprises a €30,000 grant, six months of accommodation at Genopole, personalized accompaniment, a market study, project appraisal by EY, a "Creation Pack" or "Development Pack" by the Brunswick law firm and intellectual property counselling by IP Trust Innovation.
The jury reserves the right to attribute one or two special prizes evaluated at €50,000, comprising accommodation at Genopole (evaluated at €10,000), personalized accompaniment (evaluated at €30,000), project appraisal by EY, a "Creation Pack" or "Development Pack" by the Brunswick law firm and intellectual property counselling by IP Trust Innovation.
Accompaniment includes :
→ Access to the custom-tailored counselling and services of Genopole Enterprises and its network of partners.
→ Assistance for access to public and private funding.
→ Regular meetings with the Competition’s partner businesses and the biopark’s biotechnology experts.
→ Access to Genopole’s technical equipment and platforms (more than 1,000 shared-use devices distributed across 25 platforms and infrastructures).
→ Access to Genopole events.
Accommodation includes :
→ Free accommodation for six months at the Genopole site. According to premises availability at Genopole and without giving rise to financial compensation, Genopole and the laureate will come to agreement as to the importance of accommodations (larger or smaller premises), as a function of the laureate’s needs.
Prizes are provided to the laureates on the stipulation that the company joins the Genopole site, as laid out in Article 9. It is noted that some elements of the prizes attributed as part of the Competition fall within regulations governing aid to businesses.

Article 8 – Calendar

The Competition launches in June 2016. All candidate dossiers must be submitted before 4:00 p.m. (CET) on 3 October 2016, as evidenced by the confirmation message timestamp.
The seminar "The Entrepreneur Path" will be held at Genopole in November 2016 (see online calendar for updates).
The award ceremony will be held in December 2016 during an event organized by Genopole.

Article 9 – Laureate commitments

Candidates are required to supply any complementary information that Genopole may request.
The Competition laureates must :
→ Commit themselves personally and actively to the fulfillment of their project.
→ Mention in all communications and declarations that they are a laureate of the “Genopole Competition for Biotechnology Start-ups in the Environmental, Agronomic or Industrial Sectors”.
→ Sign an incubation, accompaniment and accreditation convention with Genopole.
→ Make provisions for creating at and/or migrating to Genopole at least one staffed establishment for a duration of at least 36 months.
→ Provide all information requested by Genopole on the evolution of their projects for the five years following the reception of the award.

Article 10 – Publicity and communication / right of publicity

Both candidates and laureates authorize Genopole to publish their complete contact information and the non-confidential description (subject to specific mentions by the candidate in the conditions defined in Article 10 of the present Terms and Conditions) of their project as indicated in the candidate dossier for Genopole’s Competition-related information and communication actions.
This clause concerns all supports, institutional or public, including but not limited to dossiers, press releases, websites and digital technologies, and audiovisual means.
By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the candidate accepts, without remuneration, the use of his/her image and words by Genopole in publicly-distributed image, video and audio technologies.
The candidate’s images and words may be used for and diffused by websites, the press, films, image libraries and other communication means with no access restrictions or remuneration for the concerned person. This right extends to all countries and carries a period of validity of ten years.
All use of personal data will conform to French law n° 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 concerning digitally-filed personal data, as modified by French law n° 2004-801 dated 6 August 2004 and French law no. 2004-575 dated 21 June 2004 on digital economy security and confidentiality.
Applicants may exercise their rights to access (articles 34 to 38 of the French law of 1978), correction (article 36 of the French law of 1978) and withdrawal of the data that concerns them by writing to Genopole.

Article 11 – Confidentiality

The members of the jury and other persons having access to the dossiers submitted for the Competition provide a written commitment to respecting the confidentiality of all information relating to the project’s field of innovation.

Article 12 – Responsibilities

Genopole can in no way be held responsible for any lost, tardy, damaged, unreadable or incorrectly addressed dossiers, nor for any dossiers that do not meet the present Terms and Conditions. Genopole can in no way be held responsible for any website technical defects or malfunctions during the Competition promotion period, any technical defects or malfunctions of telephone networks or lines, online computer systems, servers, internet service providers, computer hardware or software, any defects or malfunctions of e-mail programs or systems, or any website or internet congestion issues. Genopole can in no way be held responsible for any combination of the preceding items, nor any prejudice or damage to computers of candidates or of any other person ensuing from the use or downloading of any materials related to the promotion.

Article 13 – Withdrawal

The organizers reserve the right to, should circumstances dictate, cancel or reschedule the present Competition ; should this occur no claim will be admissible. Similarly, the organizers cannot be held liable if the engagements of the present Terms and Conditions cannot be honored wholly or partially due to force majeure or events independent of its will.
Genopole reserves the right to suspend access to or delete the web pages of the Competition, at its sole discretion and in compliance with applicable law, should a virus, a dysfunction or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Genopole alter the security or reasonable management of the Competition. Any deliberate attempt to alter or damage the website or to harm the legitimate management of the Competition is a violation of criminal and civil law and Genopole reserves the right to take legal action and pursue damages as permitted by law, including possible criminal prosecution, should such an attempt be made. Candidate dossiers may be verified and will be declared invalid if they are unreadable, mechanically reproduced, damaged, erroneous, falsified, modified or tampered with in any way. Genopole assumes no responsibility concerning publication or printing errors for the present Competition.
The first prize will be transferred to the candidate who finishes second in the Competition, should the first-prize laureate decide to withdraw.
Genopole reserves the right to transfer or not a special prize to another candidate should a special prizewinner decide to withdraw.

Article 14 – Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

Submitting a dossier for the Competition implies the candidate’s full acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions without possibility of appeal as to the results of the Competition, as the jury is sovereign and free of any obligation to justify its decisions.
Participation in the Competition implies the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions completely and without reservation.

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Genopole Competition for Biotechnology Start-ups in the Environmental, Agronomic or Industrial Sectors