May, 2017
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Genopole will be well represented this year in San Diego at BIO International - as by the past. I will be there with Denis Gauvreau (Director of International Affairs) as well as Laurent Pépin (who is in charge of international company prospection with Genopole-Enterprises). We would be happy to meet during BIO and if you wish to pre-arrange a meeting with either of us, please write in advance at or  
Otherwise, you will also be able to connect with us through the France stand during the meeting. We look forward to talking about recent developments at Genopole.

Speaking of new developments, I am happy to announce that Genopole has launched its Shaker as well as its Booster operations, respectively to upgrade its incubation and accelerator systems.
The Shaker is Genopole’s own agile, open and flexible support system for scientists and entrepreneurs (targeting more specifically younger students at the PhD or post-doc levels) who are in need of some help to complete a proof-of-concept or further work before creating their start-up. Genopole’s Shaker works in the “garage” spirit, if I may say so.
Our Booster addresses the needs of start-ups seeking to push the development of their operations and establish themselves more firmly in the French biotech or biopharma ecosystem. Our team at Genopole-Enterprises would be happy to tell you more about the benefits of working within the Shaker or the Booster.

Jean-Marc Grognet, CEO


Calls for project holders and start-ups

Are you thinking of creating a company?
Do you need a place to validate your technology and further develop it?
Search no more and be ready to answer the Genopole Shaker Call and secure a spot in our shared and sponsored lab where you will be able to work on your R&D and at the same time validate if this could lead to a start-up!
Shaker Genopole

Are you about to create or have recently created a start-up and are you looking to raise funds?
Stack all the odds in your favour and answer the Genopole Booster Call where you will be trained on all aspects to successfully launch your company, have a good business plan and start raising money from venture capitalists.

Booster Genopole
Global Bioenergies

Successful Scaling up for Global Bioenergies

Scaling up a process is never a given and can take quite some time….. Or not if you are called Global Bioenergies!
Less than five months after setting a plant ten times bigger than their pilot plant, the company has announced that it has succeeded in producing Isobutene.
Next step for them is improving their productivity in order to attain commercial metrics.
Stay tuned for upcoming news!
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Major EU funding coming to Global Bioenergies and their partners

The consortium made of Clariant, INEOS, IPSB, TechnipFMC, Linz University and Global Bioenergies will receive €9.8 million of which €4.4 million will go to Global Bioenergies.

Global Bioenergies and their partners

The aim of this consortium is to find ways to valorize residual wheat straw into second generation renewable isobutene that could be later on converted into oligomers presents in the lubricants, rubbers, solvents, plastics, or fuels.
This R&D cooperation will last two years and will start In June.
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Genopole was present at the Hannover “Messe” for LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA 2017, the International trade fair where lab technology and medical companies such as Genopole’s Genomic (a company working on DNA extraction and sample preparation) are present in large number.
The main focus of this year edition was on innovative products and services, Lab 4.0 and digitalization.
Always on the lookout for innovative subjects, Genopole met interesting firms which would fit and could be part of the Genopole ecosystem. 

Work in progress!
French Tech Ticket
Getting social with French Tech Ticket Laureates

As discussed in earlier editions of this newsletter, Genopole has been selected by the French Tech Ticket programme which aims to attract to France international teams in the creation or development stage of innovative start-ups (
In addition to the individual follow-up by an experienced English-speaking project manager, the laureates get to attend several master classes organized by the different incubators.
Next month, it is our turn to welcome all laureates at a combined event : a master class entitled “Explore the unexplored” by Dr Christoph Köller, an expert in Humanities and Social Sciences and a networking event between the laureates and the Genopole’s resident companies.

Save the date - Genopole Summer School 2017

"Bioinformatics and Biostatistical Tools in Medical Genomics"

!!! There are still a few places available !!!
Summer School Genopole
The residential summer school is limited to 20 participants so make sure you register in time! The programme includes practical sessions, keynotes and a roundtable with expert scientists and leaders in the field.
It is designed for researchers, engineers and PhDs already involved or starting research in genomics.
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Higher Learning, Research & Innovation, and Solidarity and Health: New Ministers in the Macron Government

  Frédérique Vidal ©AFP
France’s new Minister of Higher Learning, Research and Innovation is Ms. Frédérique Vidal who was trained as a Biochemist, and has had a distingued career as Professor of genetics and molecular biology. She was President of the Université Nice-Sophia-Antipolis until her appointment in President Macron’s new government.

The new Minister of Solidarity and Health is Dr. Agnès Buzyn  who, as research haematologist, specialised in tumor immunology and bone marrow at the Université Paris V-Hôpital Necker and the Institut Cochin-Paris V.
Prior to entering politics, Dr. Buzyn has served on various national reseach committees, as well as Vice-President and President of France’s National Cancer Institute and President of Haute Autorité de la Santé (France’s equivalent of Health Technology Assessment, namely the national organization that provides evaluations for, and accreditation of health products and services for reimbursement by government, as well as certifies health establishments and certain categories of professionals).


Agnès Buzin - ©AFP
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