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Technological platforms and infrastructures

Sharing expertise, competencies and means

The team and missions

The Infrastructures and Platforms Department is responsible for making available to Genopole companies and research organizations high-performance research tools and infrastructures that they would not be able to acquire individually. Main missions : • Develop novel technological platforms to attract new businesses to the site and support Genopole’s strategic orientations. • Insure the mutualization of scientific instruments and expertise to give Genopole-accredited laboratories and (...)

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Eight life sciences fields

Thematic orientations

Genopole’s technological platforms bring concrete solutions to the biocluster’s labs and businesses in eight life sciences fields of research : Cellular Biology / Imaging Molecular Biology Structural Biology / Chemical Analysis Biomanufacturing Biological Resources Center Functional Exploration Informatics / Bioinformatics Robotization / Automation CELLULAR BIOLOGY / IMAGING These platforms provide access to a range of competencies serving functional exploration, flow (...)

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Semi-heavy equipment program

The equipment

Genopole has implemented a scientific equipment availability policy to complement the efforts made by national-level research organisms and the University of Évry-Val d’Essonne and accompany the development of innovative start-ups. Each year, Genopole makes a call for tenders to enlarge its park of mutualized instruments, with a focus on responding to the needs of promising scientific or industrial projects. The goals of the policy are to : • increase the biocluster’s attractiveness by (...)

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