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A training facility for careers in biotech


In the spring of 2014, the IMT (Institut des Métiers et des Technologies) opened a working conditions-based training facility at Genopole to prepare people for careers in biotech and drug bioproduction. The IMT has provided training for operational and technical careers in pharmaceutical production for more than 30 years. Its offer includes professional degrees and continuing education. Every year, IMT accepts an average of 750 students or job seekers for training and/or accompaniment (...)

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A professionalizing learning offer

The University of Evry Val d’Essonne

Professionalization is the cornerstone of UEVE programs and their development, whatever the diploma level. New highly effective training programs are launched each year to prepare students for careers in clearly identified fields. Economic stakeholders assist in both the development and provision of the programs. Today, these partnerships result in one of the highest rates of apprenticeship and continuing education in France (20% graduation rate). Also attributable to these partnerships (...)

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