Professionalization is the cornerstone of UEVE programs and their development, whatever the diploma level. New highly effective training programs are launched each year to prepare students for careers in clearly identified fields. Economic stakeholders assist in both the development and provision of the programs.

Today, these partnerships result in one of the highest rates of apprenticeship and continuing education in France (20% graduation rate). Also attributable to these partnerships is the presence of an IUT (university institute of technology) and ENSIIE, a Grande École for computer engineering in business and industry.

Excellence in research

Closely affiliated with, and as a founding member of the GIP Genopole, UEVE is recognized for its research activities focused mainly on the field of genomics/post genomics and its application in healthcare and the environment. The UEVE biology department counts eleven research teams, most of which are mixed entities with the CNRS, Inserm, INRA and/or the CEA. Among their fields of research are bioinformatics, biomaterials, and modeling and mathematics as applied to biology.
In addition to this principal biological focus, UEVE also has research activities in science and engineering, finances and labor, and business, employment and public policy.

Finally, its integration within UniverSud Paris, a French “Research and Higher Learning Hub” (PRES), and its activities within the Evry Vals de Seine Scientific Hub (PSEVS) strengthen its attractiveness—and that of the area—for higher learning and research.

UEVE research in numbers :

  • 3 doctoral programs : GAO (Genomes et Organisms), S&I (Sciences et Engineering), EGEE (Economy, Management and Territory)
  • 20 research laboratories in life, exact and human sciences, of which 11 are accredited by Genopole (mixed entities with the CNRS, Inserm, INRA and/or the CEA)