A biomanufacturing mini-cluster, already represented by four research labs, seven biotech companies and three technological platforms, is being built at Genopole.

Genopole sees biomanufacturing as a major developmental axis, within which three primary objectives can be defined :

  • Develop a biomanufacturing mini-cluster, uniting laboratories, businesses, technological platforms and training
  • Respond to the biomanufacturing needs of French research labs and biotech companies
  • Favor and contribute to the development of a national biomanufacturing industry and its structuration

Highlights in biomanufacturing at Genopole

In 2012

An R&D laboratory focused on the development of vaccines and therapeutic proteins in plants was launched at the Genopole site. This entity, Genopole Plant Process Innovation, uses a novel and efficient approach to produce vaccines very rapidly, for example during pandemics.

In 2013

Généthon Bioprod became the first not-for-profit laboratory to be authorized as a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The first batches of gene therapy drugs to be tested in a clinical trial on a rare eye disease are currently being produced in the 5,000 m2 facility.

In 2014

A branch of the Groupe IMT (Institut des Métiers et des Technologies) opened its doors at the Genopole site to provide training in biomanufacturing careers. In all, the branch benefits from
700 m2 of space, of which 400 m2 are for apprenticeship-based training. The training facility is yet another building block in Genopole’s biomanufacturing activities.