In the spring of 2014, the IMT (Institut des Métiers et des Technologies) opened a working conditions-based training facility at Genopole to prepare people for careers in biotech and drug bioproduction.

The IMT has provided training for operational and technical careers in pharmaceutical production for more than 30 years. Its offer includes professional degrees and continuing education. Every year, IMT accepts an average of 750 students or job seekers for training and/or accompaniment toward employment. They benefit from late-secondary to university-level professionalizing or degree-validated instruction in cooperation with more than 200 industrial sites, and an ensuing placement rate at 6 months greater than 90%.

The objectives of the Genopole branch are to :
- accompany the French pharmaceutical industry, a vital strategic sector, as it evolves obligatorily to preserve its industrial fabric, competitiveness and jobs,
- and contribute to the creation of tomorrow’s bioproduction industry, targeting first the production of viral vectors for gene therapy and that of stem cells, in close collaboration with the pioneers in these fields.

The presence of the IMT branch at the biocluster is a key element of the development of a bioproduction minicluster and thus integral to the Horizon 2025 strategic plan. It is a cornerstone of the structuration of future industries in bioproduction and innovative therapies, and an integral part of developing scientific and medical excellence into real industry in the Évry area.

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Contact :
Genopole Campus 3 - Bât. 1
1 rue Pierre Fontaine - F-91000 Évry
Tel : +33 (0)1 60 78 44 84
Ile-de-France Branch Manager : Joëlle Dumas