This international call for proposals aims to support research which will
- Lead to a better fundamental understanding of the neuromuscular system
- Encourage the development of therapies for neuromuscular diseases and rare genetic diseases
- Improve care and quality of life of patients with neuromuscular diseases

This Call for proposals is open to both French and foreign groups.
- Trampoline granTs : This one-year award is intended to support - new investigators entering the field of neuromuscular
diseases, - investigators early in their science careers and - established neuromuscular researchers who will propose innovative
projects which do not require preliminary data. This award is available for a maximum of one year for a total amount
of 50,000 euros maximum.
- research projecTs for one year, renewable for a second year.
- phD fellowships.
- posTDocToral fellowships for one 1 year, renewable for a second year.

[+]For application forms : see and follow the link to call for proposals.