The purpose of the Genopole Thematic lncentive Actions, referred to by their French acronym "ATIGE", is to contribute to the emergence of future scientific leaders by offering tenured researchers the possibility of creating a team within the already-established research units at the biocluster Genopole.

The ATIGE grant is open to all research fields of the Genopole biocluster-Evry : genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology, proteomics, structural biology and biophysics, gene and cell therapy and regenerative medicine, applied lite sciences and non-medical biotechnologies, metagenomics, biodiversity and microbial ecology. (see ERG evaluation panels 2017 LS1, LS2, LS7, LSB and LS9).

Eligibility and conditions :

  • The applicant holds a permanent position in a public research organisation, a university, or an ERC grant, or having his or her own salary funding for at least 5 years ;
  • The applicant submits an ambitious research project to be developed in a laboratory of Genopole-Evry in which he/she had never worked before( ;
  • The applicant must not have ever carried out any research activity in one of the research laboratories located on Genopole’s Campus or Paris Saclay Community of Universities and Institutions ;
  • The applicant must commit for a total duration of 5 years ;
  • Payment of the second and third instalment of the grant is submitted to a scientific and financial report.

The ATIGE recipient receives a total amount of €250,000 of operating financing for 3 years and will have priority access to Genopole’s specific calls for equipment investments.
Application deadline : June 30, 2020
Proposal submission in English, by e-mail to - copy to :

Download the application file here.