Genopole-Evry has launched a new call for proposals for a postdoctoral fellowship which enables a France­-educated researcher currently performing research abroad to return to France. The fellowship is intended to fund a research project in Genopole-based research laboratories or biotech companies.

The fellowship program is open to all research fields of the Genopole biocluster-Evry : genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology, proteomics, structural biology and biophysics, gene and cell therapy and regenerative medicine, applied lite sciences and non-medical biotechnologies, metagenomics, biodiversity and microbial ecology, humanities and social sciences related to the above mentioned fields.

The postdoctoral fellowship is thus available :

  • to a young researcher, whether of French or other nationality, educated in France (having obtained its PhD in France or having spent at least 3 years in higher education in France)
  • and who wishes to return to France after having performed a PhD or a post-doctoral research abroad with a view to performing a research project in a laboratory or a company located in Genopole biocluster and in one of its areas of interest.

The fellowship (worth €65,000 corresponding to the annual gross salary charged per year) is allocated for a maximum of 24 months.
All applications must be submitted by the host laboratory, or company where the proposed research project is to be carried out. Campus lab/companies profiles can be viewed on our website

Call for proposals postdoctoral fellowship
Application file postdoctoral fellowship 2020
List of proposed research projects

Applications written in English and set out as stipulated in the attached form, must be received by the Genopole Secretariat by June 30, 2020, at the latest :

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