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Contrat doctoral

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Société / Activité :

Université d'Evry-Val d'Essonne — Université Paris-Saclay

Lieu :


Poste proposé

Intitulé du poste proposé

Poste basé à

Nature du contrat



Rémunération envisagée
- de 20 000 euros

Détails de l’offre

Description entreprise
The SABNP research laboratory (INSERM U1204), recently created, is part of Evry's Genopole Biocluster. The Genopole is France’s first high-level research cluster entirely devoted to biotherapies, and to genetic, genomic, and post-genome research. SABNP is multidisciplinary and hosts, in addition to a structural biology platform (Atomic Force Microscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), cellular and molecular biology facilities, structural bioinformatics skills with access to a computer network including Linux clusters, and workstations and software dedicated to biological modeling and simulation. The PhD director will directly tutor the student. Experimental structural data coming from our NMR and AFM facilities will be complementary to the modeling and characterization of the corresponding CSP-RNA complexes.

Description poste
PhD post subject to obtaining the CDD from the Ecole Doctorale 577 after academic competition.

Structural bioinformatics study of protein-RNA complexes involved in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer

RNA-binding proteins (RBP) are mostly nuclear proteins involved in RNA-splicing, in the regulation of translation and that can associate with stress granules under stress conditions. These systems play a significant role in several neuro-degenerative diseases and in cancer.

We intend to understand the molecular basis of pathological mechanisms by applying and developing bioinformatics computational methods in order to analyze the interactions and the specificity between mRNAs and proteins that bind those RNAs (RBP) and that have a Cold Shock Domain (CSD).

This work should aid in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of action of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, and have important implications for the design and discovery of new drugs that diminish resistance to chimiotherapy.

Experimental structural data coming from this laboratory (NMR and AFM) will be complementary to the modeling of the CSD-RNA complexes.

Description profil
Master 2 in Bioinformatics or Biophysics or Physicalchemistry or Physics or Computer Science :

Linear bioinformatics (Analysis, comparison and multiple alignement of sequences, motif search, etc.)

Structural bioinformatics (Molecular modeling and simulation)

Relational data bases

Computer programming

Niveau d’études


Personne à contacter



1 rue du Père Jarlan

Complément d’adresse
Structure-activité de biomolécules normales et pathologiques (SABNP)

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