Its development strategy seeks to :
1/ place Genopole among the leading players of international competition in life sciences
2/ advance personalized, regenerative medicine (“genobiomedicine”) in collaboration with the South Ile-de-France Medical Center (CHSF)
3/ favor the research and development on genomics, stem cell, bioproduction and synthetic biology
4/ favor the development of environmental, agronomic and industrial biotechnologies
5/ enable the continued growth of its park of biotech companies by acquiring new real estate and strengthening prospection particularly outside of France
6/ support the development of mature companies
7/ reach the threshold of a 6000-person workforce with the CHSF

**Genopole has established a Horizon 2025 action plan focalizing on :
- Genobiomedicine
- Regenerative medicine and Cytopolis
- Clinical and translational research
- Synthetic biology
- Biomanufacturing
- Non-healthcare biotech such as industrial biotechnology, ecotechnology, feed-food and agrotechnology
- International ambitions