The Genopole plant systems hub integrates laboratories, businesses and technological platforms

A specialized entity : the Plant Genomics Research Unit
The Plant Genomics Research Unit (PGRU), an Inra (French national institute for agricultural research) unit specialized in plant genomics, is a reference in France. Its objectives are the sequencing and functional analysis of both research model organisms such as Arabidopsis thaliana and cultivated plants.
Green biotech companies at Genopole
Genopole hosts and accompanies several green biotech companies, for example :
- Agdia-Biofords, a company developing plant pathogen diagnostic kits and GMOs for the agricultural industry.
- Algentech, whose focus is the development of innovative plant gene targeting technologies for agro-industry, biofuels, pharmaceuticals and plant biology research.
- Anova-Plus, which develops for its clients in the agriculture, viticulture and aquaculture sectors a range of on-site and rapid detection kits for pathogenic microorganisms affecting crop plants and toxic microalgae affecting shellfish.

A laboratory and platform for the plant-based production of antibodies and vaccines
The Genopole Plant Process innovation (PPi) laboratory is the result of a partnership between Genopole and the Quebecois company Medicago to bring to France the Medicago technology VLP ExpressTM, a high-throughput platform to detect candidate vaccines produced in plant-based systems. Genopole PPi will demonstrate the technology’s proof of concept for national vaccination objectives, with a medium-term goal of creating a production site in France capable of covering national public-health and biodefense needs.

A platform for plant transcriptomics
Accommodated within the PGRU, the plant transcriptomics platform provides cutting-edge technologies and expertise in transcriptome analysis and DNA chip design for plant research models such as Arabidopsis thaliana and plants that are agronomically interesting. The platform accompanies projects from conceptualization to statistical analysis.

Genopole Competition for the Environmental, Agronomic and Industrial Sectors
Genopole is the first French biocluster to create a competition for biotech startups in the environmental, agronomic and industrial sectors. A grand prize and one or two special prizes are awarded each year. The winners are hosted at the Évry site, thus enriching the biocluster in non-medical biotechnology fields, including green biotech.