Benefits for Fondagen’s donating partners include :

  • the elaboration of specific research or development actions by Fondagen and its partner businesses or entities ;
  • participating in the orientations of the Fondagen strategic committee ;
  • a privileged view at the works of the site’s laboratories, businesses, institutes, etc. ;
  • an interesting opportunity to foresee the potential of innovations as they come to life ;
  • a forum for discussing and exploring major issues in biotech and the future of its actors ;
  • an indication of their participation in the development of innovation and
  • biotechnology in France.

Fondagen’s current donators include :

  • MSD-France/Merck
  • Crédit agricole Ile-de-France Mécénat
  • Société Générale
  • Servier
  • Fondation Paris-Reims

Donations to Fondagen support a range of actions and are tax deductible for businesses (60%) and individuals (66%). Furthermore, donations can be targeted to specific projects, start-ups or research units having a particular interest for the contributing partner.