French Tech TicketDans le cadre du programme de la French Tech Ticket, une Master Class est organisée à Genopole le 29 juin.
Elle sera animée en anglais par le Dr Christoph Köller.

Biographie du Dr C. Köller

Explore the Unexplored : Fostering Innovation by Social Sciences and Humanities

Success of innovations is strongly related to understanding and meeting needs of target groups. Innovation happens in markets which are part of a society, and all parts consist of people. Innovation often causes changes of perceptions and behaviours, it requires to think and to learn. In most cases innovation is more than introducing a new technology – it’s about impacting people and changing their behaviour. Therefore, it is indispensable to know why people are behaving the way they do.

Social sciences and humanities (SSH) are the disciplines which try to comprehend human beings, the ways they live together, their perceptions and behaviours. Therefore : the knowledge generated within SSH has got the potential to impact innovation successes and it can be a source of innovation by itself.

The workshop will explore the relation between SSH and innovation. The goal is to provide food for thought and some advice on the „why“ and „how“ of integrating SSH knowledge into the innovation system.

Program :

15h30 : Welcome coffee

16h00 : Introductory presentation which will cover the relation between SSH and innovation, the role of interdisciplinarity and social innovation. Discussion on benefits and examples of the integration of SSH into innovation. Introduction of tools for the integration of societal challenges into the innovation process.

16h30 – 17h30 :Interactive discussion on barriers and opportunities of the usage of SSH knowledge in technology based innovations in the form of a world café.

17h30 – 18h00 : Restitution and Discussion with the participants

18h00-20h00 : Dinner

Free entrance-registration required

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Feel free to contact Laurent Pépin, international project manager.

Address :
Salle de conférence GIP Genopole
5, rue Henri Desbruères
91030 Evry cedex