On December 14, 2010, Genopole® will hold the third edition of its Biomanufacturing Symposium, entitled “30 years of therapeutic product biomanufacturing : outcomes and outlook”.

Following the success of the two previous editions of the Biomanufacturing Symposium, Genopole® will broaden its outlook and ask the following question : which expression systems, compounds, technologies, drug targets and business models will be critically important in biomanufacturing in the future ?

The symposium will open with a mini-session on 30 years of therapeutic product biomanufacturing : key dates, success stories, limitations and opportunities (molecules, drug targets, expression systems, technologies ; etc.).

This will be followed by three main sessions :

Alternative expression systems

  • What has changed in the 4 years since the first Biomanufacturing Symposium in terms of the systems under development at the time (transgenic animals and plants) ?
  • What is the outlook for the more “exotic” systems (e.g. carnivorous plants, hairy roots, Lemna, microalgae, ciliates, edible vaccines ; etc.) ?
  • Should these alternatives be considered as new expressions system per se or rather as reservoirs of novel compounds (a transgenic approach versus a conventional screening approach) ?

Implementing alternative expression systems via the development of appropriate technologies

  • How should researchers and equipment manufacturers interact ?
  • Will these alternative expression systems become a true industrial option ?
  • Biomanufacturing and synthetic biology : the first industrial successes

Biosimilars and biogenerics : the outlook

The first biologics are coming off patent : regulatory definitions, perspectives and the impact on the price of biologic


On December 15 and 16, Genopole® and the Epigenomics Program are organizing an International Synthetic Biology Conference, which will follow on from the Biomanufacturing Symposium.

Biomanufacturing Symposium delegates can register for the Synthetic Biology Conference at a special rate of €50.

[+]For more information on the program and how to registration : http://syntheticbiology2010.genopole.fr


Presentation will be given in English or French depending on the speakers but a simultaneous interpreting service will be provided in both languages


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