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With the advent of high-throughput DNA sequencing and synthesis, it became possible to produce a list of molecular parts composing a living organism. Deconstruction of such parts can help us in the simplification of the existing organisms to be used later for grafting new functionalities.
This Top-Down approach to Synthetic Biology has produced many results. Alternatively, the Bottom-Up approach consists of engineering context-independent biological parts that could be properly interfaced and standardized to generate a targeted behavior into an existing organism. An ultimate approach would consist in the de novo construction of organisms using such biological parts in an in vitro setting.
The recent advances here are also very encouraging and they are allowing to better understand complex biochemical systems.

Our conference will allow the worldwide leaders in Synthetic Biology to show their latest advances.

As Synthetic Biology moves forwards, new Intellectual Property Right models need to be defined, and the choice of these models will have a major impact in shaping the future of Synthetic Biology. A session will be devoted to Intellectual Property to address these issues.

Our conference follows the Biomanufacturing Symposium also organized by Genopole® on December 14th, 2010, in which some applications of Synthetic Biology will be presented.


Genopole® will award grants to post-docs and PhD-students being the first author of an abstract selected for a poster or for a contributed talk.

Program chair

James J. Collins , Biomedical Engineering Dept, Boston University, USA

Steering committee chair

Alfonso Jaramillo - Genopole®, CNRS, Evry, France

Key Dates

Opening of submissions : April 12th, 2010
Submissions deadline : July 21th, 2010
Notification of acceptance : September 3rd, 2010
Notification of fellowship : September 3rd, 2010
Early bird registration : until October 15th, 2010
Registration deadline : December 15th, 2010
Conference date : December 15th and 16th, 2010


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