This symposium is open to all those interested in the potential of new insect production lines and aims to share experiences and feedback from those already engaged with the future actors of the development chain.

Rearing insects or how to produce biomass without harming the environment : biotechnological solutions and new industrial sectors

Insects have a very particular position in this world. Comprising more than one million known species, insects represent an endless source of interest and knowledge. They offer a broad range of exploitable and marketable resources, useful to humankind thanks to their multiple applications : healthcare, nutrition, agriculture, aquaculture, energy…

Rearing insects is thus extraordinarily promising : consuming very little, it could make use of untapped resources and initiate a virtuous circle of recycling, preventing the ongoing waste of food.

Yet, does the exploitation of their potential and biotechnological properties respond to the growing needs of our planet in terms of food, healthcare or energy ? What are the actual prospects and economic stakes ? How to fit the development of these techniques into a sustainable perspective ? How can a better knowledge of the insect and its ecosystem support the development of these techniques ? What backing can be expected from the authorities ?

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