Since its first publication in 2006, the MicroScope platform emulates the microbiologists community in France and worldwide. MicroScope provides an integrated environment for the expert annotation and comparative analysis of prokaryotic genomes.

The platform enables collaborative work in a rich comparative genomic context and improves community-based curation efforts. With more than 3500 user accounts and more than 750 citations, the platform has reached a high impact.

During 2 half days, 9 invited speakers will share their experience on using MicroScope for their research projects. Also live demos will be presented to highlight recent developments of the platform.

Location :

Institut Pasteur (amphithéâtre Duclaux),
28 Rue du Dr Roux,
75015 Paris

Registration :

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory.

For registration or more information about MicroScope Open Days 2018, click here.