Conférence "Plant Genomics and Beyond"Plant Genomics and beyond" intends to bring together world leaders, scientists and students interested in plant genomics.

The conference will bridge basic scientific issues such as evolution, cell signaling, transcription, proteomics and post-translational controls, to very applied topics that form the basis of modern agriculture, including domestication, polyploidization and heterosis.

An outlook into future concepts of plant genomics will be given by discussing advanced concepts of systems biology, comparative genomics and bioinformatics.

The Genopole is a government organization with the aim to help the formation of small scale start up companies in the area of Genomics and is also located in Evry. The URGV is formally also associated to Genopole and is therefore also supported strategically and financially when buying large scale equipement. Genopole offered to support the meeting financially and will do all the necessary organizational work involved in hosting the meeting and organizing accomodation and travelling of the participants.

Scientific Organizer
Dr.Heribert Hirt, Director of URGV Plant Genomics

[+] Place : Université d’ Evry Val d’ Essonnes, Bâtiment Maupertuis
Evry, France

[+] For futher informations and registration, visit the web site, clic here