Proteomics is one of the major frontiers to obtain a full understanding of biology and medicine.

Proteomics embraces a huge field and includes not only questions on protein identification, but on post-translational modifications related to localization, interaction with RNA, DNA, other proteins and small molecules.

The proteomics field is at the heart of systems biology and at the interface of biology with chemistry and physics. Novel techniques in proteomics have given unforeseen insight into the details of molecular mechanisms of signal transduction and gene regulation.

Proteomics has allowed the development of new disciplines including personalized medicine and genetic engineering in synthetic biology.

To further the establishment of innovative proteomics programs at various institutions of the Evry Campus “Proteomics 2011 and beyond“ will incorporate current developments and applications in proteomics in its scientific program.

URGV, UEVE, Genopole - Organisateurs du colloque "Proteomics 2011 and Beyond


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