Through targeted actions such as the ATIGES or Postdoctoral Repatriation Allocation Program, and the arrival and accreditation of new teams and laboratory equipment, Genopole continues to strengthen its scientific competencies and develop its research potential.


1. The ATIGES : Support for the creation of new research teams

The purpose of the Genopole Thematic Incentive Actions, referred to by their French acronym “ATIGES”, is to contribute to the emergence of future scientific leaders by offering tenured researchers the possibility of creating a team within the already-established research units at the biocluster.
The programs are intended for researchers who already have a position within a public organism or are likely to attain one before the attribution of the ATIGES.
Candidate projects must be coherent with Genopole’s centers of interest :
genomics and post-genomics, biotherapies, bioinformatics, biophysics, engineering sciences as applied to large-scale biological domains (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, systems biology, synthetic biology, etc.).

Every year, Genopole issues a call for candidates, from which an independent scientific committee chooses the ATIGES recipients. Once selected, the project is granted funding for a maximum of three years, with the possibility of supplementary technical assistance.
- Call for proposals 2019

2. Postdoctoral Repatriation Allocation Program

The purpose of Genopole’s postdoctoral repatriation allocation is to ease and encourage a return to France for French-educated Ph.D.s who are completing a postdoc fellowship abroad.
These young researchers, chosen based on a set of excellence criteria, will benefit from an allocation over two years to begin a research project within a Genopole laboratory or company.

Every year, Genopole issues a call for candidates.
- Call for proposals 2020