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Pr. Robert Umek, Director of External Scientific Affairs à Meso Scale Discovery et Membre de la fondation Michael J. Fox

Le professeur Robert Umek parlera de :

"Challenges for Multiplex Biomarker Assays in Translational Research"

Le département Immunologie et Biologie cellulaire de la CRO Texcell fera un retour d’expérience sur la technologie.

Abstract :

Protein and peptide biomarkers in body fluids hold great promise in diagnostics, prognostics and the design and execution of clinical trials. Multiplex biomarker assays may further refine our understandings and allow the use of overlapping sets of biomarkers for different diseases. However, several hurdles remain to be overcome before such multiplex assays become routine. For example, assays are not harmonized across the industry and there is a lack of international reference standards. Also, algorithms that enhance the power of multiplex analyses are novel for regulators. Specific examples from multiple disease areas will be discussed.


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