Genopole organises scientific and industrial events with campus stakeholders and exterior partners.
These events are held throughout the year to let people meet, connect, exchange expertise and discover what the site has to offer.
With a dynamic network at our feet, we develop innovative collaborative efforts through our “Genopolitain Circles”.

  • The COSEB (Biocluster Sciences and Businesses Committee) is a think tank group whose mission is to present industrial and scientific propositions for the development of the biocluster. COSEB is an opportunity for researchers and business leaders to get to know each other better, discover the fields of research and projects of their neighbors, establish partnerships and become involved in the future of Genopole.
  • The Welcome Session, open to all Genopolitains, is a twice or thrice yearly event to shine the light on the biocluster’s newcomers and their projects.
  • The “Ateliers” and “Clubs 09:15” are events offered by Genopole specifically for the biocluster’s businesses. The Ateliers are monthly workshops were businesses benefit from the presence of specialist consultants to deepen their knowledge of subjects in direct relation with their business strategy. In contrast, the Clubs 09:15 bring depth to current events in the news and how they may affect a business strategy.
  • The “Tribune” is offered to Genopole companies wishing to present their offer.
  • Specifically for researchers, engineers and technicians, Genopole organizes several types of events throughout the year.
  • The “Technology Seminar” breakfasts are an opportunity for equipment manufacturers to present new materials and provide in-depth information on specific technologies. Genopolitains can test high-performance equipment with the assistance of an applications engineer.
    The Technology Seminars are often accompanied by “Equipment Demos”, which are an opportunity for the Genopole companies to test the utility of specific apparatuses with their own samples.
  • Open to all researchers, the “Platform Days” are an opportunity for the users of Genopole’s 20 technological platforms to meet and exchange with the platform managers. Genopole platforms cover a wide range of domains and applications, including functional exploration, imaging, informatics and bioinformatics, robotization and automation, cellular, molecular and structural biology and chemical analysis. Within the platforms are also biological and biomanufacturing resource centers. Equipment providers sponsor and participate in the Platform Days events.
  • The goal of the “” events, organized by the team of the Communication department, is to increase awareness on the importance of communication among the site’s researchers and entrepreneurs. The event provides advice and assistance on enriching a dialog to make the public, the media, potential clients and investors aware of the interest of a project.