Article 1 – Objectives

The objective of the "Genopole Young Biotech Award" ("the Competition" hereafter), organized by Genopole, is to encourage and sustain business creation and the development of innovative startups in the environmental, agronomic and industrial biotech sectors (excluding medical sector).
Genopole defines “innovation” and “biotechnology” as follows.
• Innovation : a new and inventive technology, process or service with market-validated industrial potential.
• Biotechnology : the use of knowledge of the natural, biological function of living organisms to produce goods and services.

Article 2 – Candidate eligibility

Candidate must present an innovative business creation project, or an innovative activity underway in a startup aged less than two years.
The Competition is open to :
• any natural person, regardless of nationality, status or professional situation, with a project for the creation of an innovative biotechnology (as defined in Article 1) business in the environmental, agronomic or industrial sectors.
A single representative must be designated for projects held by more than one person.
• any environmental, agronomic or industrial biotech business less than 24 months old, represented by a designated executive member.
Laureate companies (first or special prizes) of any previous editions cannot compete in the current edition.

Article 3 – Award(s)

The first-prize laureate receives a prize package valued at €100,000 and the possibility to join the Genopole biocluster.
This first-prize package comprises :
• a €30,000 grant,
• according to the different conventions signed with Genopole, personalized project assessments by our partners (market study, legal , intellectual property counseling, etc.),
• direct access to the worldwide Cleantech Open France competition’s semi final,
• Genopole accreditation,
• print and digital communication services by Genopole and its press partners.
The first-prize package also includes :

for holders of business creation projects, a place in Genopole’s new Shaker (The Biotech Lab).
For six months (renewable once under certain conditions), as a member of the Shaker, the laureate will have access to : 

-  shared offices and BSL-1 (or BSL-2) laboratories,

-  the biocluster’s cutting edge technological equipment,

-  specific accompaniment support provided by a team of Genopole Enterprises project managers,
-  Genopole’s ecosystem of researchers, startups, experts and businesses, 

-  a training program in entrepreneurship.
The first-prize elements are provided to the laureate on the condition that the company is created and located at the Genopole site.
for existing startups, a place in Genopole’s new Booster (The Biotech Accelerator).
As a member of the Booster, the laureate will benefit from :
o free accompaniment support for one year (renewable once under certain conditions) comprising :
-  a global company’s assessment and an action plan, 

-  custom-tailored assessments by specialized providers and co-financed by Genopole (within the limit of €5,000, taxes included), 

-  a training program to acquire knowledge on business plan consolidation and how to successfully raise funds, 

-  support from a team of Genopole Enterprises project managers, 

-  mentoring.
o Preferential conditions for office/lab space (rent (excluding utilities) offered for the first six months).
o privileged access to :
-  Genopole’s high-tech platforms, 

-  Genopole’s ecosystem of researchers, experts, industrials and startups. 

The first-prize elements are provided to the laureate on the stipulation that the company joins the Genopole site.

The jury reserves the right to attribute one or two special prizes, valued at €50,000, comprising a place in the Shaker or Booster, personalized assessments (market study, legal advice, intellectual property counseling, etc.), and print and digital communication services by Genopole and its press partners.
The special-prize elements are provided to the laureates on the condition that the company is created and located at the Genopole site (for holders of business creation projects) or that the company joins the Genopole site (for existing startups).

Article 4 – Constitution of the candidate dossier

The candidate’s dossier file is available as of June, 16 2017 at in the form of a Word document (in French or English) ; it is to be filled in using Word or a compatible program.
A copy of the Competition’s Terms and Conditions must be signed by the candidate and must be included in the candidate dossier. By signing the Terms and Conditions, the candidate commits to the stipulations therein.
Candidates are responsible for furnishing to the Competition team all complementary elements that should be needed to fully understand the dossier.
The candidate form must be completed in full ; incomplete forms may result in dossier refusal.
Dossiers will be refused if any of the required elements are missing.
The dossier must be completed in French or in English.
The candidate dossier published on and available from the Genopole website must be used for inscription in the competition ; no other methods of inscription will be accepted.
Regardless of the type of project, candidates must describe the situation of the project completely and honestly, notably as concerns intellectual property.

Article 5 – Constitution of the candidate dossier

The candidate dossier and any supporting documentation must be submitted by e-mail at
All submissions will receive a reception confirmation.

Article 6 – Candidate selection

The technical secretarial service of Genopole will organize the reception, registration and examination of the submitted dossiers, and will inform the candidates of the results of the different selection steps.
1) Genopole will make an initial, dossier-based selection of candidates eligible for the seminar entitled "The Entrepreneur Path".
This latter is a day-long event during which the selected candidates will meet with actors in innovation (experts in legal matters, intellectual property, finances, etc.) and partners of the Competition.
2) At that seminar, which serves as the Competition’s semifinal, individual interviews will be held to choose the candidates retained for the Final, to be held at a later date.
3) At the Final, the finalists will defend their projects via an oral presentation to the Competition Jury chaired by the Genopole chief executive and comprised of Genopole Enterprises team members, experts and Genopole partner representatives. Thereafter, the Jury will designate the laureate(s) of the Competition.
The project evaluation criteria are :
• the innovative nature of the proposed technology or research field,
• the economic viability of the project,
• the quality and competencies of the team,
• the project’s contribution to the dynamic of the biopark in terms of its potential synergism with the businesses and laboratories currently at Genopole.
The decisions of the jury will remain confidential until the awards ceremony.

Article 7 – Calendar

The call for candidates begins 16 June 2017. Candidate dossiers must be submitted before 4:00 p.m. (CET) on 16 October 2017, as evidenced by the timestamp of the reception confirmation.
The seminar "The Entrepreneur Path" will be held at Genopole in November 2017 (see online calendar for updates).
The Final and Awards Ceremony will be held in December 2017.

Article 8 – Candidate obligations

All candidates for the Competition are under the obligation to :
• supply any complementary information that Genopole may request,
• accept the prize package as attributed,
• read and accept without reservation the present Terms and Conditions,
• waive all rights to legal action concerning the organization of the Competition, the call for candidate dossiers, the results of the Competition and the decisions of Genopole,
• waive all rights to any claims or indemnities in case of modification, rescheduling or cancellation of events related to the Competition.

Article 9 – Laureate obligations

All laureates of the Competition are under the following obligations :
• to establish the staffed headquarters and/or a staffed structure of the business on the Genopole site and maintain it/them there for a minimum of 36 months,
• to sign a "Shaker", "Booster" or other current convention with Genopole,
• mention in all communications or declarations that they are a first-prize or special-prize laureate of the "Genopole Young Biotech Award",
• to provide all information requested by Genopole on the evolution of their projects for the three years following the reception of the award.

Article 10 – Publicity and communication

Candidates and laureates authorize Genopole to publish their complete contact information and the non-confidential description of their projects for information and communication actions related to the Competition.
This clause concerns all supports, institutional or public, including but not limited to dossiers, press releases, websites and digital technologies, and audiovisual means.

Article 11 – Right of publicity

By accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the candidate authorizes, without remuneration, the recording of his/her person by Genopole for the needs of the Competition.
The candidate’s person may be used for and diffused by websites, the press, films, image libraries and other communication means with no access restrictions or remuneration for the concerned candidate. This right extends to all countries and carries a period of validity of ten years.
In conformity with French law on personal data protection, candidates have the right to access, modify, correct and delete collected personal data. This right can be exercised by simply addressing a written request to Genopole.

Article 12 – Confidentiality

Documents transmitted for the Competition are considered strictly confidential and available only to the people responsible for assessing the dossier. The individuals with access to dossiers are required to respect their strict confidentiality.

Article 13 – Intellectual property

The candidate declares that he/she legitimately holds any intellectual property rights associated with the project presented in the Competition and thus guarantees that no legal actions can be taken against the organizer.

Article 14 – Organizer obligations

The organizers of the Competition reserve the right to cancel or partially or totally modify the current call for candidates, should such changes become necessary, with no need to justify the decision. The organizers cannot be held liable in this regard.
Also, the organizers and partners (including consultants and members of the Jury) cannot be held liable in case of litigation relative to the organizational conditions of the call for candidates, the reception process or the candidate selection.

Article 15 – Aid framework

The support provided to businesses by Genopole as part of the Competition falls within the scope of State aid legislation.

Article 16 – Acceptation of the Terms and Conditions

Submitting a dossier for the Competition implies the candidate’s full and unreserved acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions without possibility of appeal as to the results of the Competition, as the Jury is sovereign and free of any obligation to justify its decisions.
The present Terms and Conditions can be consulted at

Download the document :

2017 - Terms and Conditions
Genopole Competition for Biotechnology Start-ups in the Environmental, Agronomic or Industrial Sectors