The Infrastructures and Platforms Department is responsible for making available to Genopole companies and research organizations high-performance research tools and infrastructures that they would not be able to acquire individually.

Main missions :
• Develop novel technological platforms to attract new businesses to the site and support Genopole’s strategic orientations.
• Insure the mutualization of scientific instruments and expertise to give
Genopole-accredited laboratories and companies access to otherwise prohibitively costly new technologies and to favor the business-world diffusion of technologies developed in research laboratories.
• Continue professionalizing the technological platforms so that they can respond not only to the needs of research labs but also to the demands of industry.
• Participate in biocluster events so that stakeholders can discover the scientific instrumentation in one another’s company, thus favoring the development of new partnerships and projects.
• Participate in the elaboration and deployment of a regional high-tech
platform network.

  • Emmanuel Dequier, Director
  • Philippe Delis, CERFE Manager
  • Julien Picot, Project Manager Research and Platforms
  • Roxane Brachet, Project Manager Research and Platforms