Innovation to benefit the environment, food & agriculture, and industry

Beyond their formidable potential in medicine, biotechnologies also bring solutions and economic development to such domains as the environment, food & agriculture and industry. Already a leading biocluster in healthcare, Genopole is making good on its policy of diversification by contributing to the growth of R&D in “yellow” (environment), “green” (agriculture & food) and “white” (industry) biotech.

The “rainbow” of biotech will produce tools, technologies and activities that respond to the demands of sustainable development and energy transition goals, create employment and increase international competitiveness.

The biotech rainbow at Genopole

  • Red biotech : health and diagnostics, 
biodrugs, monoclonal antibodies, new vaccines, gene therapy, regenerative medicine and cell therapy, pharmacogenetics, etc.
  • Yellow biotech : the environment
. Treatment of pollution, detection of toxins, etc.
  • Green biotech : agriculture, livestock, food
, diagnostic tools, variety choice assistance, bioproducts for food & agriculture, etc.
  • White biotech : industry. 
Biomaterials, bioenergies, industrial bioprocesses, etc.

Genopole Competition for the Environmental, Agronomic and Industrial Sectors

In 2011, Genopole became the first French biocluster to create a competition for biotech startups in the environmental, agricultural and industrial sectors. With its competition, held under the auspices of the French Ministries of Research, Ecology and the Economy, Genopole seeks to attract new business projects in these fields. Two or three prizes are awarded each year. The laureates and their projects join the Évry site, thus enriching the biocluster in non-medical biotech.