“Innovative Approaches to Improve Cancer Patient Outcomes”

It is the 8th edition of a successful series of symposia organized by the Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN) Consortium, dedicated to advancing personalized cancer medicine through global collaboration.

This year WIN has chosen to address the critical question facing cancer research :
How innovative use of targeted therapies can improve survival of greater numbers of cancer patients ? Under the chairmanship of Dr. Josep Tabernero, (Vall d’ Hebron, Spain), the WIN Symposium will present a unique opportunity by bringing together a forum of world-class experts from different backgrounds including patient advocacies, academic and private research institutes and industry to address contemporary challenges and controversies around the next innovative steps in cancer therapy that will significantly improve patients’ outcomes.

Themes that will be addressed :

• Patients’ and advocacy perspectives
• New tools for early diagnosis, selecting therapies and monitoring
• Innovative clinical trials to substantially improve outcome
• Relevant models and critical preclinical data before moving to the clinic
• Translation of big data into clinical opportunities

[+] More information on the Web site : winsymposium.org