PerkinElmer et Genopole vous invite à participer à un Webinar sur l’imagerie de fluorescence in vivo.

Intervenant :

Dr. Jeffrey Peterson - Director of Applied Biology, PerkinElmer

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Abstract :

Webinar "Better Understand Biology Of Disease Using In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging"Fluorescence imaging is a versatile preclinical research approach that can be used in a variety of research areas, including cell tracking, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and toxicology. It’s come a long way over the years and today it’s no longer just about beautiful images, but rather a sensitive and quantitative tool for studying disease biology or evaluating drug candidates non-invasively in living animals.

Join our webinar and learn how you can turn your animal model into a quantitative, biological-imaging model using florescence imaging strategies ranging from end-point rapid screening to deep biological profiling of disease processes and response to drug therapy.

The speaker will describe :
• Biological questions that can be answered using in vivo fluorescence imaging
• Types of fluorescent probes available to study biological processes
• Choosing the right fluorescent probe for your animal disease model