Title : A Digital PCR Liquid Biopsy Workflow for Mutation Detection and Therapeutic Monitoring

This webinar will outline the entire liquid biopsy workflow from cell-free DNA isolation to mutation detection by Crystal Digital PCR with the Naica System from Stilla Technologies.

Attendees of this webinar will :
- Understand the liquid biopsy process for EGFR, BRAF, NRAS, and KRAS mutations ;
- Learn about the benefits of the Crystal Digital PCR platform in combination with research-use-only kits ;
- Hear why digital PCR is a particularly useful technique for the detection of mutations, therapeutic monitoring, and resistance appearance ;
- Learn about the different steps of the liquid biopsy workflow, from DNA isolation to DNA quantification and qualification and DNA genotyping, with dPCR multiplex kits


- Daniel Henaff, PhD - R&D Manager, ID-Solutions
- Caroline Charky - VP of Commercial Operations, Stilla Technologies

Registration online, here.

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