The objective of this multidisciplinary colloquium is to bring together researchers in life and social sciences to discuss synthetic biology. The meeting will focus in particular on the emergence of synthetic biology and the major issues raised by the field. It will furthermore be an opportunity to better apprehend a research agenda that calls upon life and social sciences.

The place of synthetic biology as a new technical and scientific frontier has been growing since the mid 2000s. Its roots are to be found in the rapid progression of knowledge in biology and biochemistry and the convergence of nanotechnologies, life sciences and information technologies. Synthetic biology’s focus is the engineering of novel biological components as well as the re-engineering of existing biological entities. In other words, its aim is the intentional conception of artificial biological systems.

Accompanied by uncertainty as to the definition of the field’s objectives, topics and issues, the emergence of synthetic biology has provoked lively discussion on its promises and dangers.


The Colloquium is targeted at scientists, researchers (biologists, sociologists, historians, etc.), businesspeople, the public authorities, elected representatives, political party managers, administrators, innovators, regulatory bodies and agencies (in research, healthcare, medicine, the environment, innovation, ethics, etc.), lawyers, NGOs, charities, students, the media, the general public and all other stakeholders in scientific and technological culture.


Presentations will be made in English or French (depending on the speaker) but simultaneous translation will be available in the two languages.



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