July, 2016
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On June 22nd, the French Prime Minister was handed the report on personalized medicine, “France Médecine Génomique 2025”: faire entrer la France dans l’ère de la médecine génomique, written by the President of Aviesan, the Alliance nationale pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé, or Association for Health and Life Sciences.

The report recommends the deployment of 12 high-throughput human genome sequencing platforms.
Two national expertise and analysis centers will also be created among which the Infrastructure Génomique of Evry, coordinated by the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and financed in part by the PIA (Programme of Investments for the Future).

The plan will initially be applied to cancer, diabetes and rare diseases. With a budget of 670 million euros over the first 5 years of its deployment, the plan will transform medical practices over the next 10 years, enabling France to strengthen its position as leader in the field of personalized medicine.

Download - Report on personalized medicine
The sequencing of the human genome will make it possible to improve diagnosis and, by extension, the healthcare treatments offered to patients throughout the country.
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The Genopole Young Biotech Award and the French Tech Ticket offer young companies two opportunities to join the Genopole biocluster.
Genopole Young biotech Award
6th Edition of Genopole Young Biotech Award

Genopole is launching the 6th edition of its Young Biotech Award competition that rewards biotech innovations combining great science and high development potential in the environmental, food & agriculture and industrial sectors.

The competition laureate will receive a first prize valued at €100,000. Researchers, entrepreneurs and students conceptualizing a non-healthcare biotechnological innovation or developing one within a young company, are invited to participate in its competition.

Among many other advantages, the €100,000 first prize includes a financial grant and a complete range of services to accelerate innovation, such as a €30,000 grant through Genopole's primary partner Chimex and the Caisse d'Epargne, 6 months of free accommodation at the Genopole biocluster, and Genopole accreditation.

Depending on the quality of the applications received, one or two special prizes evaluated at €50,000 may also be awarded.

Application files are available at and must be submitted before 4:00 p.m. (CET) on Monday, 3 October 2016.
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French Tech Ticket

The French Tech Ticket

After a successful first edition, the French Tech Ticket - the French program for international startups - is back for season 2, with more incubators all over France ready to welcome the most talented entrepreneurs, offering a greater number of startup-tailored benefits including prize money of €45,000 for the winners!

This year, 70 projects will be selected to join one of the 41 partner incubators all over France!

The French Tech Ticket awarded projects will be revealed in December for the new class to arrive in France in January 2017.

So what's in it for French Tech Ticket winners?

The welcome package has been expanded to offer new laureates the best possible start in France, with a combination of funding, incubation, ongoing support and advice, with a funding of an amount of €45,000 per team, a fast-track procedure to obtain French resident permit, 12 months’ incubation with dedicated office space in one of France’s 41 partner incubators, and much more!

Learn more about the program and apply now!
Remember to pick Genopole as your incubator if you are in life sciences!
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Our star companies this month are Pharnext, XenTech and Anova-Plus. Read on to see what they have in store for us!

Pharnext Listing on the Euronext Alternext Stock Exchange in Paris

On 27 June 2016, Pharnext launched its listing on the Euronext Alternext Stock Exchange in Paris, with the aim to raise between 36.4 and 48.2 million euros towards a Phase 3 study trial in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A.
The French biopharmaceutical company, developing an advanced portfolio of products in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, is the pioneer of a pleotherapy, a new paradigm for the discovery of medicinal drugs.
The company is supported by an internationally renowned scientific team.

XenTech – French Leader for Patient-Derived Tumor Xenografts

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Xentech, the French research company specialized in Patient Derived tumor Xenografts (PDX), has confirmed its position as French leader in PDXs.
On the occasion of the Genoforum event organized by Genopole, the company explained how its platform, made of one of the richest human xenografted tumors, is of interest to pharmaceutical groups throughout the world and also described how the choice to develop companion diagnostics is crucial to the development of personalized medicine.

The First Field DNA Testing for the Detection of Grapevine Flavescence Dorée

Phyteurop, in partnership with Anova-Plus, is launching the first field DNA testing for the detection of grapevine flavescence dorée: “Vitikit®FD”.
Anova Plus
The field DNA Flashdiag®FD developed by Anova-Plus, will be available on the market this summer through Phyteurop under the name Vitikit®FD.
The launch of this diagnostics tool, which is aimed at the wine industry for the quick control of flavescence dorée – a highly contagious quarantine disease that is incurable in grapevines – is the result of prolific collaboration between the two companies.
It provides an innovative solution to protect vineyards, which represent both financial wealth but also a cultural and gastronomic heritage in France.

Discussing CRISPR-Cas9 with a Delegation from the Quebec National Assembly and the French Senate

On 4th July, Genopole was honoured to host a delegation of parliamentarians from the Quebec National Assembly and the French Senate as part of the 2016 activities of the Groupe Interparlementaire d’Amitié France-Québec. This organisation has been very active in fostering exchanges between parliamentarians from France and Quebec for over half a century.
Assemblée Nationale - Québec

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Delegation of parliamentarians from Quebec National Assembly
Synthetic biology 2016/12/06

Save the date: December 6, 2016

Genopole in partnership with Toulouse White Biotech (TWB) and competitiveness cluster IAR is organizing a symposium entitled: "Synthetic Biology: from Ideas to Market".

This international symposium will be held on 6 December at the University Paris Descartes (Paris, 6th arrondissement).
Dealing with the journey of synthetic biology from research to the business world, to the transfer of lab technologies for industrial development, and to bio-economy, the symposium is intended for industrials, start-ups, academics, investors… all eager to explore the industrial deployment potential of synthetic biology.

Register here!
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