November, 2017
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French President E. Macron
Genopole Cited As Example By French President Macron

On October 25, I was in the 1,000-strong crowd that heard President Emmanuel Macron formalizing the creation of two new - and distinct - university entities on the Plateau of Saclay.

President Macron announced that the newly-created “Université Paris-Saclay” (UPS) will become an integrated and intensive research organization built around three universities (Paris-Sud, Évry-Val-d’Essonne, and Versailles Saint-Quentin) and three graduate schools (Cachan’s École Normale Supérieure, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, CentraleSupélec), whilst “NewUni” will be formed by the alliance of five “grandes écoles” (École Polytechnique, Ensaee ParisTech, Telecom ParisTech, Telecom SudParis). The hope is also for UPS and NewUni to foster transversal and complementary activities.
In stating that the creation of UPS will favor development opportunities in medical research, also making it more likely to benefit from important reinvestments in the regional network of hospitals, President Macron cited Genopole as a 15-year old proven biocluster model that can generate public/private synergy and stimulate innovation.
This statement embodies the principal reason for UPS and Genopole signing a collaborative agreement in September to increase connectivity between their two communities, Genopole representing the strong arm in genomics of UPS. The first 2-day conference organized by UPS’ Life Sciences Department held on October 26 and 27 to showcase some of their faculty’s research leaves little doubt in my mind that UPS has the strength to rank amongst the top 25 universities in the world in the future.

Jean-Marc Grognet, CEO

Shaker And Booster : Genopole Reengineering Its Support Programs

Genopole Entreprises has reengineered and reenergized the dynamics of support provided to biotech start-ups on the site.
For this, we have launched two new programs in the summer:
- Shaker : Services provided are designed particularly for doctoral and postdoctoral students who come up with original ideas and innovative projects during their studies, and relating to applications in healthcare, environment, agritech, foodtech or synthetic biology.
- Booster is the logical second step in Genopole’s offer to entrepreneurs.

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Shaker and Booster
Integragen - Test Kit

IntegraGen Announces The CE-IVD Marking Of Its MiRpredX 31-3p Test Kit

IntegraGen, a company specializing in the transformation of data from biological samples into genomic information and diagnostic tools for oncology, announced on September 7, 2017 the CE-IVD marking and commercial launch of its miRpredX 31-3p test kit in the European Union. This is the first positive theranostic test for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
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Who Raised Fund Lately?

EndoDiag, a Genopole company specializing in the development of innovative solutions for the diagnosis of endometriosis, has recently raised €4 million from CM-CIC Innovation and BNP Paribas Development.

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Genopole’s Summer School 2017 Edition On Medical Genomics

Genopole held its first Summer School (July 4-7) that focuses on “Bioinformatics and Biostatistical Tools in Medical Genomics”.
The 14 speakers and instructors of this first edition came from eight different European and US research institutes and universities.
Summer School 2017
The 4-day program was structured around seminars and roundtables pertaining to medical genomics and metagenomics, as well as around practical work sessions on methods in bioinformatics and biostatistics. Participants included research scientists as well as clinicians.

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Emily Leproust - Twist
Visit Of Emily Leproust From Twist Bioscience

Emily Leproust, CEO of the Californian company Twist Bioscience – who has already been qualified as the goldsmith of DNA by the French national reference newspaper “Le Monde” in a full-page article published last September – visited Genopole on November 6, 2017.
Her talk entitled "You Conceive It, We Build It - Secrets Of Success" was a real success, with over 160 people attending the presentations at Genopole and then in Paris.

Twist Bioscience has developed a breakthrough technology for "better, faster and cheaper" synthesis of DNA.
Other innovative developments by Twist include storage of information on synthesized DNA strands.

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Enterome biosciences
Enterome Moves Its Research Laboratories To Genopole

ENTEROME SA, a pioneer in innovative therapies for microbiome-related diseases, announced on September 20, 2017 that the Company is moving its research laboratories to Genopole.

The new laboratories bring Enterome closer to its existing and potential new partners and provide opportunities to extend its scientific expertise and network to develop its business further.
About 15 of the 40 people employed by Enterome will work permanently at Genopole in laboratories dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative therapeutic products derived from the gut microbiome.
Pierre Belichard, CEO of Enterome, said: "The strategic relocation of our laboratories is a key step for developing our technology platform. Genopole is recognised internationally for the quality of its facilities and the professionalism of its technical teams, which was a key factor in our decision to move our research headquarters to Genopole".


Neomed And Genopole Entering A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Following the signature at BIO-2017 in San Diego of a Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Genopole and Neomed, the parties have now engaged in exchanges to foster connections between the two bioclusters and their respective stakeholders.
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Genopole and Neomed
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