February, 2018
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Shaker Genopole - Lab Biotech
Genopole's Shaker And Booster: 2018 Call For Applications Is Now Open!

As mentioned in the November 2017 issue of our Newsletter, Genopole-Enterprises has re-engineered its services by creating two new support structures to entrepreneurs.
The Shaker is Genopole's version of an incubator and is designed specifically to support very early-stage R&D experimentation. We provide free access to office and lab spaces for validation of innovative technology and to conduct proof-of-concept experimentation.
We also dispense practical training in entrepreneurship (e.g., instruction in biotech-specific legal and regulatory obligations, in financing biotechnology and in pitching to investors) as well as access to premarketing studies (if required).
Projects selected in Q4/2017 for the first promotion of the Shaker are very diverse, ranging from R&D&I on monoclonal antibodies in cancer, copper plant bioremediation, a biofuel produced from biomass, cosmetic bioactives extracted from plants, and antibiofilms.
As such, our Shaker operates as open work (lab) spaces, and we are pleasantly surprised by the interactions developing naturally between project leaders, and the family spirit that has developed between those entrepreneurs.
The Booster is Genopole's version of an accelerator and it targets established early-stage (less than 2-year-old) companies that are showing particularly strong growth potential. This program focuses more specifically on supporting entrepreneurs in developing solid business plans, assisting in business strategy (with co-financing to involve consultants, if required), with the objective of succeeding in first fund raising.
We are now ramping up to host our second promotion of projects for both the Shaker and the Booster.
The deadline for applications is March 1, 2018.

Jean-Marc Grognet, CEO

Genopole Joining the French Tech Visa

Genopole has been officially selected by the French government as a reference location for companies wishing to apply to the French Visa program. In practical terms, this means that choosing Genopole as a landing site to enter France will accelerate procedures for the delivery of work and residence visas. This is a very concrete reason to consider seriously Genopole in your European development plans.

French Tech visa
The French Tech Visa is a simplified, fast-track procedure to obtain a residence permit - known as the "Talent Passport" - to live and work in France. It is open to three categories of tech talent, i.e., startup founders, company employees, and investors. It is valid for four years, on a renewable basis, and can be extended to immediate family members, namely for spouses to work and live (with dependent children) in France.

Genopole can now sponsor applicants to the French Tech Visa.

For more information, please contact:

Novolyze Joins The Terra Accelerator Program In San Francisco!



Novolyze has been selected to join the Terra Program in San Francisco. Terra, the Agtech Accelerator of Rocketspace and Rabobank, boosts cutting edge technology companies and has notably contributed to the rise of startups that became key players in their market.

This Accelerator Program has coached 18 companies now worth more than a billion dollars, including Uber and Spotify. The Californian adventure will start on October 31, 2017 and will last until February 2018.

Karim-Franck Khinouche, Founder and CEO of Novolyze, states : " It's a huge recognition from the industry and it attests that we are among the top companies in our sector. We are going to step it up a notch and accelerate our products' release while completing our next generation solutions ".

For further information about investment opportunities, contact Novolyze.

Arbiom Led Consortium Receives €10.9m Funding From The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (Bbi-Ju) To Demonstrate The Production Of Sustainable Feed For Aquaculture From Forestry Material

Arbiom announced the launch of the SYLFEED project which will demonstrate a new integrated "wood to food" value chain, providing both a sustainable solution to the global challenge of feed production and new economic development opportunities for biomass rich regions.

Using Arbiom's biomass fractionation technology, poorly valorized local hardwood material will be converted into sustainable, protein rich material to be used in aquaculture feed.
The €10.9M EU in funding from the European union BBI-JU will support the building of a demonstration plant that will be co-located with Norske Skog Golbey's pulp and paper site in the east of France.
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Biotech Showcase
European Cluster Matchmaking 2018 (Brussels)

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is organizing a European cluster matchmaking event within the framework of the Second European Industry Day on 22 February, 2018 in Brussels.

This matchmaking event is expected to gather representatives of up to 140 European cluster organizations for cross-sectorial meetings.
Genopole will be represented by Laurent Pépin, International Project Manager. Come and meet us!

Come And Meet Genopole At Bioket 2018 Enterprises at Biotech Showcase 2018

The international conference BIOKET 2018 that will take place on 6-8 March, 2018 in Strasbourg (France) is organized by IAR – the French bioeconomy cluster.
BioKet 2018

BIOKET 2018 focuses on process innovation and the development of key emerging technologies (KETS) for biomass conversion, to minimize waste production, valorize the use of renewable resources in the circular economy, and optimize the economics of KETS in the Industry 4.0 context.
Laurent Pepin of Genopole will be present at BIOKET 2018, along with 50 inspiring keynote speakers, 300 delegates and 30 exhibitors.

AURP Strategic Planning Meeting

As a Board Director, Denis Gauvreau participated in AURP’s Strategic Planning Meeting held in Boca Raton on January 18-19, 2018.
The proceedings were hosted by Florida Atlantic University’s Research Park.
The 2-day brain-storming sessions covered a wide number of topics, from strategic fundamentals to membership, sponsorships, international development initiatives, means of developing government relations, and educational programs.
AURP is keen on developing international initiatives and has created an International Committee (IC-AURP) that will soon recruit members from Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia. IC-AURP is co-chaired by Denis Gauvreau and Carol Stewart, AURP’s CEO.
  For additional information, write to