December, 2019
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"Computational Genomics: Interpret and Act" Genopole's interdisciplinary colloquium held Thursday 21 November at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, drew close to 200 attendees, and in so doing, illustrated the extensive interest that the discipline inspires. Today, beyond its scientific momentum, we are also witnessing the birth of a computational genomics industry.

The rapid development of genomics marks the arrival of a new era where our growing knowledge of genomes will unlock mysteries of life and reveal entire, currently unknown ecosystems: plankton in the oceans, microbiomes in the earth below us, and so much more. Applied to humans, genomics will also soon give rise to novel personalized approaches to medicine.

computational genomics
Today, the challenge is no longer generating genomic data, but rather giving them meaning. This is the challenge for computational genomics, a vast research sector at the crossroads of informatics, mathematics and life sciences.

The colloquium's participants, not only the speakers, researchers and professors representing the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, prestigious French research institutes, Genopole laboratories, Grandes Écoles and universities, but also the heads of biostatistics and bioinformatics within major companies, all emphasized the key role played by information technologies in the field of genomics. They illustrated such issues as the integration, organization, formalization and interpretation of both genomic and epigenomic data, their encryption and storage, and the need to invent new mathematical, computational and artificial intelligence methods to address them.

Thanks again to our partners, founding members and sponsors.

"France is among the world's best-placed nations for advancing genomics toward practical applications."

My best wishes and happy holidays to all!

Jean-Marc Grognet, Chief Executive of Genopole 

best wishes 2020

Genopole's business incubator among Europe's top twenty

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Genopole was chosen by as one of Europe's twenty best bioclusters for start-up incubation. is a leader in life sciences and read by no less than 150,000 visitors per month.
It keeps a keen eye on the latest scientific and business news from the biotech sector.

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Olivier Tomat takes the reins at Genopole Enterprises


With his résumé including posts as visiting innovation expert at UC Berkeley's CITRUS (United States), manager of Elsie Witheley Innovation Centre (United Kingdom), head of innovation and competitiveness for Greater Lyon, director of the competitiveness cluster Imaginove, and technological innovation expert with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs responsible for Northern Californian-French innovation diplomacy, Olivier Tomat joined the biocluster in early October as director of Genopole Enterprises.

"I hope to encourage Genopole's business leaders to have a global vision from day one and to accompany them in defining or refining their business models, working as quickly as possible on commercial proofs of concept, enabling their international development, and empowering their investment strategies & open innovations. More generally, I aim to bring today's most exciting biotechs to Genopole."
Do not hesitate to contact the Genopole Enterprises team!

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Visa4biotech Japan - 26 November 2019

In partnership with the France Japan Chamber of Commerce (CCIFJ), Genopole held its first immersive Visa4Biotech seminar on Japan.

For the occasion, held 26 November 2019 at the biocluster, CCIFJ Director Nicolas Bonnardel took the podium to speak on commercial opportunities in Japan and present a panorama of the Japanese biotech market in the company of Susumu Kataoka, director of the Japan External Trade Organization.

Visa4biotech India
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Open Day Shaker & Booster programs - 9 January 2020

Visa4biotech India

Genopole welcomes Innovators and Entrepreneurs in biotech to discover the leading biotech ecosystem in France. The Open day will be the opportunity to visit the Lab Biotech Shaker and the Open Lab, the new Genopole/CCI Essonne co-working space of offices & laboratory. Save the date and register online

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EBN congress 2019
Bio Hamburg
5 November 2019

BIO Europe, the continent’s largest life sciences partnering conference, proposes numerous opportunities to share and network with life science specialists from around the world. This year’s event drew 4,442 people from 61 countries and 2,300 companies. Among those attendees were academics, venture capitalists, and representatives from pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and competitiveness clusters.

Project managers from Genopole Enterprises represented Genopole companies at the event and empowered the biocluster’s visibility at the world level.

MEDICA Düsseldorf - 18 November 2019

MEDICA is a leading international trade fair that draws more than 5500 exhibitors from 71 countries to its 17 event halls. The fair covers all facets of the world's medical technologies and products market (instruments, diagnostics, CROs, research, etc.). Genopole's international business manager and representatives from the Medicen Paris Region competiveness cluster were there to meet and follow up with businesses interested in joining the biocluster and/or partnering with its companies.

EIT Health Matchmaking 2019

EIT Health Matchmaking 2019

French Healthcare Investment Days Biotech Showcase San Francisco - 13 January 2020

In the company of Business France, Genopole International Business Development Manager Laurent Pépin will participate in Biotech Showcase, a must-attend event for exchanges and networking held in complementarity to the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. Biotech Showcase is the networking pièce de résistance for biotech investors, CEOs and business developers.

TechDay, Tunis 29-30 January 2020

Genopole will attend the 2nd edition of TechDay, a part of the program The Next Society financed by the European Commission.

EIT Health Matchmaking 2019

At TechDay, Genopole will meet with other biotech entities in the Mediterranean region (Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia) to encourage industrial and scientific partnerships with its companies and labs.
For the occasion, Genopole will have the pleasure of honoring the invitation of its partner, the Sidi Thabet Biotechnopole, for the inauguration of Pharma In, an emerging cluster for health and pharmaceutical biotech. If you are interested in opportunities in the Mediterranean region, do not hesitate to contact Genopole International.

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PEP-Therapy chosen for AstraZeneca's ReAliZe program

The Genopole-accredited company PEP-Therapy was chosen for ReAliZe, an open-innovation program piloted by the biopharmaceutical group AstraZeneca and intended for start-ups in the oncology sector.

PEP-Therapy, co-founded and presided by Antoine Prestat (far right in the photo), was a laureate in the Scientific Innovation category. Eight other companies have also been retained for the second phase of the program, which also includes categories for Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, and Patient Itinerary & Experience.

Antoine Prestat: "I am delighted that PEP-Therapy was chosen for ReAliZe. The program will allow us to develop a unique relationship with AstraZeneca. For three years, with ReAliZe, we will benefit from personalized accompaniment, have the opportunity to work with AstraZeneca's specialists and take advantage of their visibility and network."


PhinC Development opens subsidiary Phinc. Modeling in Montreal, Canada

The French company PhinC Development, specialized in simulation and modeling strategy for drug development, strengthens its presence in North America to significantly develop its business and increase its turnover.
Phinc Dev
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A discovery by the Genopole laboratories LGRK and I-Stem opens new perspectives for regenerative medicine in dermatology

The Genomics and Radiobiology of Keratinopoiesis laboratory (LGRK–CEA), a specialist in skin stem cells, and I-Stem (AFM-Teléthon / University of Évry / Inserm), France's largest laboratory for human pluripotent stem cell R&D, recently showed that a transcription factor, KLF4, controls the proliferation of skin stem cells and their ability to rebuild the epidermis.

The stem cells located in the deeper layers of the epidermis have strong regenerative capacity. The field of bioengineering is tapping into that capacity to develop methods for the ex vivo cultivation of keratinocytes, the primary epidermal cell, and the production of epidermal sheets. With their work, the LGRK/I-Stem team seeks to contribute to the development of a more effective alternative to conventional skin grafts for the treatment of large wounds and serious burns (Above: graft obtained by bioengineering - © LGRK, IRCM, CEA-Jacob).

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A drop in the cellular ocean

Researchers from the SABNP laboratory (Inserm / University of Evry) demonstrated the role of a molecular condensate in the splicing of precursor messenger RNA (pre-mRNA), an essential step in the translation of genetic information into a functioning protein.


Their discovery sheds new light on an essential step in gene expression, which, if dysfunctional, may drive numerous diseases such as spinal muscular atrophy, myotonic and some other forms of muscular dystrophy, or certain cancers. This work was the result of research done by Genopole Thematic Actions Incentive (ATIGE) recipient Alexandre Maucuer and his team. As an ATIGE grantee, Dr. Maucuer joined the SABNP laboratory, where he began his research project on molecular interactions during spliceosome assembly.

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Gold at iGEM

For the third consecutive year, the Evry Genopole Paris-Saclay student team brought home gold from the renowned international competition iGEM, which drew 356 teams from around the world for its 2019 edition. The work of the iGEM team is furthermore nominated for the prestigious "Best Measurement" prize.

Under the banner "Fat and Fabulous", the iGEM Evry team focused on the biological production of two rare fatty acids using the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica.

As in years past, the team demonstrated the excellence of the Evry area and created contacts beyond the competition. Their work was made possible by grants from the University of Evry, Genopole, Paris-Saclay University, the Investissements d'Avenir program and the Grand Paris Sud Urban Area.

Project supervision was provided by members of several institutions, including the UMR 8030 Genomics Metabolics/iSSB laboratory (CEA-CNRS-University of Evry), the Micalis Institute (UMR1319 INRA-APT) and GenHotel (University of Evry).

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Meeting with the Estonian president - 13 November 2019

The chief executive of Genopole Jean-Marc Grognet and the president of the Essonne Administrative Department François Durovray had the pleasure of meeting the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid during her visit to France.

She was accompanied by representatives of a number of innovative Estonian companies, who underlined Estonia's excellence and desire to grow in information technologies.

The Genopole CEO met with Prof. Andres Metspalu to discuss partnership opportunities between the Évry biocluster and the Estonian Genome Center/Institute of Genomics. Genopole and the Essonne Department look forward to hosting an Estonian delegation in 2020.
Meeting with Wuhan mayor - 15 November 2019

The Essonne Administrative Department welcomed a Chinese delegation headed by Zhou Xianwang, the mayor of its sister city, Wuhan.

Essonne President François Durovray underlined the department's wish for more and stronger ties between Genopole and Biolake, the biotech and health cluster located in Wuhan. A framework agreement was signed by Genopole and Biolake in 2018.

In 2020, a steering committee will be gathered to review the advancement of an industrial and scientific partnership implemented by Wiratech Europe and the Hubei Oncology Precision Medicine Center.
Visit by a Thai delegation - 9 December 2019


Genopole welcomed a delegation from Thailand's Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, accompanied by the French Embassy in Thailand's attaché for scientific and higher education cooperation, Guillaume Da.
During the visit, Genopole's Thai partner presented its projects in agro-industry, health and medicine via its Biotech Research Center within the Thai National Research Agency.

Some scientific collaboration could be implemented between labs and companies of both ecosystem.


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