January, 2015
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  Best wishes for 2016

A Sequence In Motion

As we mentioned in the first edition of our newsletter, Genopole and Amgen were delighted to welcome over 300 participants to the Colloquium on Personalized Medicine held in Paris early December.
The speakers of the conference discussed how Big Data will enable public healthcare savings all the while raising the issue of data security.
They also brought up the joint purchase by the CNG, France Génomique and Genopole of the IlluminaX5 sequencer, which now places France among the top 3 European sequencing platforms.

One of the major challenges to face is that of data management with software that will generate a vast amount of results that must be easily and rapidly assimilated and interpreted.
Finally, the speakers talked about the political and human implications of personalized medicine, with a possible lack of understanding among patients, decision-makers and industrial stakeholders as to why some may have access to personalized medicine and not others.
To conclude, the common consensus seemed to be that France must move quickly on the subject and it is exactly what France is planning to do in 2016.
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What a Bright Idea!

2015 saw the Fifth Edition of the Concours Genopole, a competition which rewards young innovative startups working on biotechnologies applied to the environment, agriculture and industry.
The winner of the 100,000€ first prize was Glowee that develops an innovative luminous system that produces light without electricity thanks to the bioluminescent properties of marine species such as the squid.

The runner-up, CeleScreen, was awarded 50,000€ for its optimization of the Caenorhabditis Elegans worm that can be safely used in the laboratory for cosmetic testing.
Glowee and CeleScreen
The amazing ideas of this year's finalists are both very encouraging for the field and a good omen for the future of the competition. To be launched in June 2016, the next edition will be open to international projects. See our future newsletters for more information.
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 Journées des plates-formes

Journées des plates-formes
No platitudes here!

Created to facilitate interactions between managers of Genopole technological platforms and their users, the 3rd meeting of the "Journées des plates-formes Genopole" took a different approach from the previous editions. While the first two were focused on presenting the various infrastructures on site, the purpose of the third edition was to discuss how to successfully manage a platform. The event enabled some 80 participants to exchange on a variety of subjects: from calculating price ranges for life science platforms to recruitment and sustaining personnel, to the new NFX50-900 norm.

Along with the quality of presentations, all involved praised the choice of speakers - namely representatives of France Génomique, the Institut français de Bio-informatique, the CNRS SPV - as well as the atmosphere which fostered many productive discussions on these topics. We look forward to another outstanding success with the next edition in spring!
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A First in France: a Clinical and Translational Research Center (CRCT) to energize medical progress

At the heart of the Genopole campus and a few stretches away from the CHSF hospital complex, the CRCT was inaugurated early 2015.

The mission of the center is to create momentum among healthcare stakeholders to evaluate therapeutic innovations in medical practice conditions and thus get new therapies applied at a faster pace. Within the new structure, researchers, industrials, and hospital practitioners will work together to empower a translational research approach for the development of novel therapies.
The CRCT will prioritize locally-developed biotherapy projects, particularly those focused on rare genetic diseases (with the support of the AFM-Téléthon), chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoarthropathies. The CRCT will give rise to a network of skills with a scientific environment in support of the projects.
With this in mind, the Institut des cellules souches I-Stem, a unit of the Inserm/AFM-Téléthon, thoroughly involved in translational research, has recently moved into the new center early January.

One nucleus

Genopole at Genesis 2015

Genopole participated in the Global Cluster Hub session held at Genesis 2015 on December, 10 2015 in London. The session brought together over 20 cluster, research and SME support actors from 10 different countries.
Besides Genopole, presentations were made by LifeSciences British Columbia (Canada), Campania Bioscience (Italy), Pennsylvania BIO (USA) and MediWales (UK).

They focused on the need and means for clusters to continue the integration of top class research into commercial development to keep clusters seeding new companies and staying dynamic in their growth and turnover.
Genopole presented the picture of its science and innovation ecosystem, describing its historical development to emphasize the inherent difficulties linked to developing genuine interactions between academia and entrepreneurship.
Genopole is now developing a work-live-play complex in the middle of its two main campuses to foster greater connections between private and public parties on the site.


France-Korea Year

In celebration of the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Korea, the France-Korea Year reflects the joint determination of the two countries to strengthen relations in all areas, with a particular emphasis on innovation.
Vice-minister of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
The France-Korea Year officially kicked off on a national scale on September 18th, 2015, and closer to home at Genopole with the visit of 3 South-Korean delegations in October and November.
With the common goal to get a better understanding of Genopole, the delegations were impressed by the scope of the cluster and the quality of the companies and research laboratories on-site.

More specifically, the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (see picture), following the overall presentation of the Genopole cluster, was interested to visit one of our companies and was thoroughly captivated by the technology of Imagene that enables DNA storage at room temperature through an innovative encapsulation method.

Telethon 2015

The Telethon: Run Like Clockwork

At the end of a 30-hour TV marathon, the Telethon counter displayed an extraordinary result of 80,251,183 euros. This outstanding outcome shows the support from millions of French citizens to the Telethon's fight against rare diseases. A strong visual symbol remains the illuminated towers of many cities throughout France.

This public show of support is a witness to the renewed trust of the French people throughout 20,000 local events which took place in 1 out every 3 towns across the country. It provides researchers with new means to accelerate their scientific projects. The show must go on!
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B4B Biomanufacturing

What is All the Buzz About?

Following the four annual B4B-Connections dedicated to Bioproduction, and the Cell Therapy B4B-Connection of 2015, the fifth edition of the meeting at Genopole in February this year will be dedicated to Cell and Gene therapies.

This will be the unique opportunity for the participants of both highly-successful B4B-Connections to meet and talk about industrialization as applied to cell and gene therapy.

And much more...


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