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Postdoc (H/F)

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gene therapy

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1 an renouvable

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A définir selon profil

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Description entreprise
Genethon is a non-profit biotherapy R&D organization dedicated to the development of gene therapy products for rare human genetic diseases. To this aim, Genethon partners with the university of Paris-Saclay and the INSERM research unit UMR_S951-INTEGRARE (, which hosts several laboratories exploiting gene-based technologies to investigate biological systems and pathologies of genetic origin and to design gene therapy treatments mainly for : i) blood and immune disorders, ii) neuromuscular disorders, iii) liver and metabolic disorders.
Genethon offers several high quality core facilities and infrastructure including :
 in vitro and in vivo therapeutic testing platform : a functional evaluation platform (including ultrasound testing), an imaging-cytometry platform (confocal, macro confocal and biophotonic microscopy, imaging flow cytometry), a viral vector research facility (for LV, RV and AAV), tools and experience in molecular and physiopathological examination of isolated living cells ; a histology department ;
 the largest DNA and cell bank in Europe for human genetic disorders

Description poste
A postdoctoral position is available in the therapeutic genomic editing team under the direction of Dr. Mario Amendola in Genethon, biopark of Evry, France.
Our laboratory focuses on developing effective and safe genome editing and gene therapy strategies for the treatment of human diseases. In particular, we are interested in genetically engineering hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells : 1) for treating and gaining a better understanding of blood disorders, in particular sickle-cell disease, β-thalassemia and hemophilia ; 2) as therapeutic delivery vehicles for metabolic diseases, due to the ability of their progeny to extensively home to many tissues, including the central nervous system.

Description profil
First and foremost, the desire to make an impact in the field of Gene Therapy in a friendly, enthusiastic, dedicated and collaborative manner.
Candidates should be able to work independently and interactively in a team setting, be responsible, organized and have a great work capacity and enthusiasm for research.
Prior experience in hematology is essential, familiarity with molecular and cellular biology a plus. Candidates should have at least one first author publication in a good quality journal and excellent communication skills in spoken and written English.
If you are strongly interested in this position but do not meet one or more criteria, please address in your cover letter in which aspects your skill set deviates from the outlined profile as well as how your background would enrich our research.

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mario amendola



1bis, Rue de l’Internationale

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