Organiser & Partners

  • Genopole

    Genopole is France’s leading biotech- and biotherapy-dedicated biocluster. It brings together nineteen research labs, university teaching facilities (at the University of Evry-Val-d’Essonne) and 82 biotech companies. Genopole’s objective is to fund research in genomics, post-genomics and related sciences, transfer technology to industry, develop high level teaching in these fields and promote the creation and development of biotech companies.

  • IAR Cluster of Bioeconomy

    IAR Cluster aims at valuing vegetal innovation for concrete industrial applications, based on agricultural production and the vegetal biomass. The purpose is to conceive different and sustainable biobased products and materials. They will be used in the manufacturing of tomorrow currents goods. From the idea to the development, IAR Cluster supports project leaders, whatever the size of their organization or company. IAR gathers more than 330 members from the whole field of biorefinery.

  • TWB

    Toulouse White Biotechnology is a preindustrial demonstrator whose goal is to speed up the development of industrial biotechnology by facilitating exchanges between public research and industry. TWB is a UMS (Unité Mixte de Service – Mixed Service Unit) managed by INRA, under triple INRA/INSA/CNRS tutelage. TWB has an original private/public consortium with 45 partners.

  • Steering Committee

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