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Become a partner of the competition for innovative start-ups

Genopole invites businesses in the environmental, agricultural, agronomic and chemical sectors as well as actors addressing environmental issues from an industrial perspective to participate in this human, scientific and industrial adventure by becoming a competition partner.
The competition provides a unique opportunity for selected start-ups in environmental, agronomic and industrial biotech to develop their innovations and competitiveness in the favorable environment of the biopark.
Modern biotech and its applications arouse curiosity, but also anxiety. Environmental biotechnologies however have the potential to provide a strong and positive image for biological engineering. A goal of the competition is to promote this positive image not only to the general public, but also – and particularly – to professionals, specialists, politicians, actors in innovation and journalists.

As a partner for the Genopole Young Biotech Award, your organization…

→ is at Genopole’s side for all of the competition’s awareness and promotion actions and campaigns :
 - Presence in all communications for the competition,
 - Visibility during the award ceremony open to a wide audience,
 - Presence in the media plan to be developed (see our press partners) ;
→ demonstrates its support for innovations and innovators ;
→ identifies breakthrough innovations and technological partners in biotechnology sectors.

If you want to become a partner, contact us at