Topics and speakers

Keynotes session
Bioinformatics applied to medical genomics – impact and upcoming application
Gut microbiome and diseases
Genome plasticity analysis
→ Hervé BLOTTIERE, Micalis, Inra
→ Philippe FROGEL, Université de Lille and Imperial College, London
→ Andre KAHLES, ETH Zurich
→ Andrei ZINOVYEV, Institut CURIE

Poster sessions
Presentation of posters by the applicants

Practical sessions (hands-on sessions with expert scientists)
Generation and analysis of data
Variation in the human genome (SNPs, CNV...)
Statistical methods (quantification and differential expression, inference, quantitative genetics…)
Strategies for exploring the microbiota in the scope of human health (use of marker gene tools, bioinformatic strategies…)

Instructors and trainers

→ Christophe AMBROISE, Université d’Evry-Val d’Essonne
→ Katarzyna HOOKS, Université de Bordeaux , CNRS UMR 5800
→ Valentin LOUX, Inra
→ Lilia MESROB, CNRGH, Institut François Jacob - CEA
→ Vincent MEYER, CNRGH, Institut François Jacob - CEA
→ Guillem RIGAILL, Inra
→ Florian SANDRON, CNRGH, Institut François Jacob - CEA
→ Nicolas WIART, CNRGH, Institut François Jacob - CEA

Scientific committee

→ Roxane BRACHET coordinator, Genopole
→ Jean-François DELEUZE, CNRGH, Institut François Jacob - CEA
→ Victoria DOMINGUEZ DEL ANGEL, Institut français de bioinformatique
→ Pierre LE BER, Institut François Jacob - CEA
→ Claudine MEDIGUE, Genoscope, Institut de génomique, CEA
→ Pierre TAMBOURIN, Genopole