Bibliothèque Nationale de France
21 November 2019

Genomics will bring applications in precision medicine, environmental sciences, agronomy, and food & agriculture - but only with the contribution of digital technologies. The fusion of these two specialties, called computational genomics, will contribute to meeting the challenge of truly "global" health.

Computational genomics is a field of research located at the crossroads of biology and digital technologies. Its objective is to invent new methods for the exploration of genomic, transcriptomic (gene expression, non-coding RNA, etc.) and epigenomic sequencing data, not to mention metagenomic data in the study of communities of organisms. Computational genomics is vast, encompassing research in genomic and phenotypic data integration, the interpretation of those data, the automation of analyses, approaches for modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and much more.

Today, a veritable academic and industrial computational genomics sector is taking shape. The colloquium "Computational Genomics : Interpret and Act" hopes to bring perspective to the scientific, technological and societal challenges born of this research field.