Private / Industrial / Academic-Institutional Organizations : €150
Genopole-accredited businesses and laboratories benefit from a 50% reduction.

Students : €30

Registrations are finalized at fee reception.

- Admission to the colloquium
- Breaks and lunch

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Registration Fees (TTC)

  • Company / Institution  150€
  • Check the box if your company or laboratory is labeled Genopole. You get a 50% discount
  • Students   30€
  • In order to validate your registration, we thank you to send us a copy of your student card to the address :
  • Your registration will be confirmed after payment of registration fees.
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Cancellations must be expressed in writing to be taken into account. They must be dated and sent to Genopole by mail or e-mail :
Attention Mildred Geslin, Genopole Communication
5 rue H. Desbruères
F-91030 Évry cedex
E-Mail :
Reimbursements will be sent after the colloquium as a function of the cancellation request date :
-  On or before 1 November 2019 : full reimbursement of registration fees
-  On or between 2 and 13 November 2019 : 50% reimbursement of registration fees
-  On or after 14 November 2019 : no reimbursement of registration fees.
Changes in attendees representing organizations must be communicated to Genopole before 13 November 2019 (e-mail to : to avoid the application of additional charges.
Registration fees will not be reimbursed in the case of colloquium non-attendance, whatever the cause may be.
If the colloquium is cancelled by Genopole, all registration fees will be reimbursed to the participants, who agree to renounce any other indemnity claims.