What is the objective of the Genopole competition ?

Hakim KHARRAT : Through the renown of the biocluster, the Genopole Young Biotech Award benefits from an image of professionalism and excellence. This seventh edition is a confirmation of its stability and success among startup creators. Genopole is pursuing its objective of promoting and supporting the technological challenges that will give birth to tomorrow’s vanguard : companies with disruptive business models developing products and services to address the needs and concerns of an evolving society, startups proposing innovations for the environmental, agri-food and industrial biotech sectors.
The success of this competition through the years and its recent internationalization demonstrate Genopole’s strategy of openness to and diversification of industry. The competition also puts Genopole and its prominence squarely on the radar of major groups.

What are its advantages ?

Hakim KHARRAT : Now in its seventh year, the Genopole competition has become a reference in innovation and biotech creation (excluding healthcare). It is clearly identified by business creators as an excellent springboard for development.
This year’s Young Biotech Award stands out particularly because it is the first to benefit from the three new pillars of Genopole’s accompaniment : the Shaker, the Booster and the Growth Hub. The purpose of the Shaker is to transform innovative biotechnology ideas into concrete industrial projects and even companies. That of the Booster is to give momentum to the development of early-stage biotechs. Finally, the Growth Hub accompanies mature businesses looking for new development impetus to enable an evolution toward SME or even small-cap status.
The competition’s prize package is among the most attractive in France. Valued at €100,000, it comprises a €30,000 grant, accommodations at Genopole, and an array of expert services (legal, IP, market, strategy, pitch, etc.). This year’s laureates, depending on the maturity of their projects, will have the opportunity to join either the Shaker or the Booster. There, in addition to relevant accompaniment, they will benefit from an advanced, professional, shared learning program furnishing both theoretical and practical training on the different aspects of startup creation and growth.