La société New England Biolabs (NEB) vous invite à une conférence présentée par le Dr. Mehmet BERKMEN.

Le thème de la conférence est :
"Developing SHuffle® as a platform for expression and engineering of antibodies and difficult proteins"

SHuffle is a genetically engineered E.coli strain that allows disulfide bond formation in its cytoplasm with high fidelity. Many proteins containing disulfide bonds have been successfully expressed in SHuffle. In this study, we expressed, purified and characterized full-length monoclonal antibody IgG in SHuffle. For the first time, a full-length IgG can be functionally expressed in the cytoplasm compartment of an E.coli strain. In order to improve the folding and assembly of IgG, we have investigated the expression of IgG in various formats and vectors ; we have co-expressed chaperones and other helper proteins with IgG. Several-fold increase in the yield of full-length IgG was observed. We characterized the SHuffle produced IgG and found it comparable to hybridoma produced IgG. Optimization of fermentation conditions for a large-scale production is in progress. We aim to develop SHuffle as an easy, fast, robust platform for antibody engineering, screening and expression.

La conférence sera suivie de rendez-vous chez NEB offrant la possibilité d’échanger avec le Dr Berkmen.
Pour plus d’informations contactez M. Ploquin.


Salle de conférence du GIP Genopole
5 rue Henri Desbruères
91030 Evry

Resume Dr Berkmen
Affiche Seminar Notice 18 mai