Généthon, UEVE and Inserm are pleased to invite you to the conference “The complex associated with dystrophin, a sarcoglycan perspective”, which will be held on Tuesday the 15th of November in Genocentre, Evry France.

This conference was made possible thanks to the support of the University of Evry and INSERM. 

This conference will focus on sarcoglycanopathies, a type of muscular dystrophies caused by mutations in the sarcoglycan proteins which are part of the dystrophin associated complex.


Access is free but registration is made compulsory by the Vigipirate watch.

For registration, please send an email to silvestr@genethon.fr

Organizing committee

Elena Pegoraro, Isabelle Richard, Pascal Laforet and John Vissing


1 place de l’internationale
9100 Evry