Stem cell research and its valorization in medicine and industry is a prioritized development axis at Genopole. Cytopolis, located at the heart of Genopole, will be a coherent, globally-competitive collection of activities to accompany the pharmaceutical industry’s evolution toward biotech and biotherapies.

Today, Genopole is unifying the means for a scientific, medical and industrial hub entirely focused on exploiting the potential of stem cells, be it therapeutic to repair damaged tissues and organs via regenerative medicine, or industrial to generate new cellular models needed to better understand disease and discover new therapeutics.

This entity, called “Cytopolis”, is built upon an already solid scientific and medical foundation at Evry-Corbeil :

  • A scientific potential for the study and production of stem cells
  • A large hospital in the immediate proximity of Genopole
  • The construction of the Clinical and Translational Research Center
  • R&D projects focused on resolving problems in the industrial and medical application of stem cell technologies

An Institute for Translational R&D

The growth of cellular biotherapies and the industrial use of stem cells implies profound changes in life sciences. It is thus necessary to start studying today the means and methods for industrializing cellular products, and automating and miniaturizing processes.

Located in the Cytopolis building, the Translational Research and Development Institute (IRD-T) will host research laboratories and seek to resolve issues in this setting.

Research on the biocluster

  • I-Stem (Institute for Stem cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic diseases) is the largest pluripotent stem cell R&D laboratory in France and one of the largest in Europe.
    Supervisory bodies : Inserm, University of Evry, AFM-Telethon
  • CECS (Center for Stem Cell Studies) is a not-for-profit association focused on the development of stem cell-based technologies and treatments.
    Private laboratory of I-Stem, financed mainly by AFM-Telethon
  • LGRK (Laboratory for the Genomics and Radiobiology of Keratinopoiesis)* is an academic laboratory specialized in the study of human epidermal stem cells and their role in skin cancer and several skin diseases.
    Supervisory body : CEA