• Genopole

    Genopole is France’s leading biotech- and biotherapy-dedicated science and business park. It brings together twenty research labs, university teaching facilities (at the University of Evry-Val-d’Essonne) and 81 biotech companies. Genopole’s objective is to fund research in genomics, post-genomics and related sciences, transfer technology to industry, develop high level teaching in these fields and promote the creation and development of biotech companies.

  • LaMME

    Laboratory for Mathematics and Modeling – focuses on mathematics and bioinformatics applied to the analysis of genomic and postgenomic data, partial derivative equations and analysis, probabilities and financial mathematics.

    Within the LaMME laboratory, the Statistics and Genome Team focuses on the conception of statistical methods for the analysis of DNA or protein sequences and the supply of these methods for the scientific community via web-based technologies.

  • UEVE

    The University of Évry-Val-d’Essonne (UEVE) is a major research hub in the southern Greater Paris area, with no less than 18 research laboratories and 10,000 students. UEVE is a multidisciplinary, career-oriented university. It is renowned for the diversity of its training offer, the quality of its research and particularly its excellence in the fields of genomics and post-genomics in healthcare and industry, an expertise exercised in close collaboration with Genopole, the CNRS, the CEA and others.